GIANT Paw Patrol Surprise TENT "Chase's Police Cruiser" Filled with Paw Patrol Surprise Toys

Hey kids thanks for watching epic toy Channel today we're here with Chase and Marshall from the paw Patrol and. This is chases police cruiser but it's a tent alright.

This tent is filled with toys in Chase aka Johnny is gonna pull them out johnny buddy where'd you go whoa it's an official Power Wheels paw patrol four-wheelers you got something else let's see open it up they are tiny paw patrol figure.

Who do we have chase chase who's this wha rocky whose car is this jason chases police cruiser and we got Rocky's recycling truck that's just Kingdom who's this guy right there any rubbles work truck digger and Zoey's got a little collection here she's got Marshall and Zuma and Skye Skye Skye's there Zoe do you love these yes love these.

Cool. All right, kids see what up still there what is that it's a paw patrol chase bracelet.

GIANT Paw Patrol Surprise TENT

You put it around your wrist and that velcro's awesome now official chase camera paw patrol color and play activity Playland.

With this it's a ball pit but you see the white area there with a little maze you can actually color on it and you can erase what you color my blown mind blown.

Check it out it comes with dry erase markers you color all over it and then you can totally erase what you did it includes 20 colorful balls for color markers a fun toss roof activities and coloring easy erasable with a damp cloth all pretty crazy huh. All right, well it's probably empty we shouldn't see what else is in there oh you do. Okay, Jase go ahead and your police cruiser let us know if you see anything else is there a lot of stuff oh cool oh you can get through that what that's crazy no way megamix value party pack what kind of stuff is in here there's only one way for us to find out we got to bust this open dude. Okay.

These are spinning tops and they have pictures of the paw patrol characters on top Johnny's not at all excited ruiers hey Johnny likes the paw patrol whoa cool paw patrol keychains seals Zoey likes the keychains a lot and what are these oh they're trumpets cool they're paw patrol trumpets this one has rubble on it that one has chase on it Circle Mini awesome trumpets and keychains these things are.

Called of disc shooters Washington sources ow she shot me with that.


You put it on and then you squeeze Oh across the house Zoe's lining up all of the mini paw patrol characters whoa Johnny found two things let's see this 37 wall decals what's a decal T no it's like a sticker they are huge comes with everything you see there and you put them on your wall and then tear them off are you kidding me a 3d paw patrol beach ball don't go guessing we are and it's totally 3d oh you're a nice boy bud you like this 3d beach ball huh sweet.

Many brand-new paw patrol toys and activities.

Far well chase his pup pack fella huh no problem what look what Zoe found it's a paw patrol sippy and it lights up beedo beedo v oh wow whatever.

Cool it's.

Cool what you found more in there. This is a brand new marshall toy it's rescue marshall and if you press his badge and all new pup pack shoots up all totally brand new whoa there's a brand new spy chase.

Many new things.

Cool a paw patrol microphone microphone with built-in speaker. This is.

Cool to play this real quick oh yeah zowie lined all the paw patrol pups up and she even has Ryder talking to all of them that is.

Cool cool party hat.

This tent came with four paper cones like that but like traffic cones or you can use them as party hats Zowie that's awesome it's a paw patrol microphone good sharing Johnny thanks bud.

Cool Johnny would you find another paw patrol sippy these are.

Cool we have two of them now one for mom and one for me we just need them for your kids now a paw patrol thermos see what you do Zoey is you push this button right here pop and you can drink out of it it keeps drinks cold or hot and right now you're drinking air is that yummy air oh no way paw patrol on the chase with Marshall and chase it's a DVD well they're on the front but it looks like there's one two three four five six seven eight episodes in this DVD oh oh found something ratalie what could it be what could it be paw patrol puzzle with 24 pieces and the picture looks like that once you put it together and Johnny swimming his depth at the bottom of the bucket.

Don't look out that's not the pilot I look at I mean the paw patrol chase police cruiser tent what is this a big roll of paper towels no. This is huge you guys. This is ten feet by ten and a half feet by six feet it's a big thing of wallpaper.

You can have that paw patrol seen on your bedroom wall and ten and a half by six zowie found this a giant paw patrol coloring book Oh in Johnny found ears and I had the belong to Marshall.


He needs her trumpet whoa what's that a paw patrol lunchbox there's nothing there but we put stuff in it check this out put a thermos in there see have a drink for lunch put a puzzle in there throw four trumpets in there whoa paw Patrol team wow it is that's cool I wonder if it comes with those crackers too probably huh you put this together oh yeah oh yeah come check out this actual table entry step.

You have a paw patrol table and in the backrest there's all the paw patrol pups I've never seen this one before you to its actual racers game Xian play a quick round yeah you ready to be defeated nope cuz I'm gonna defeat you alright.

Here's the paw patrol racers game we explain how it works buddy.

You press these buttons and then you see who gets the most under side. Okay, most balls I'll be rubble I beat you say you want to go Maggie said go oh the lookout fell Oh chasin Johnny one three two - good job bud alright we just played again and Johnny totally defeated me haha now you wash the dishes and make a bogey oh it's a paw patrol spree man oh it's a hopscotch you hook the hose up to a buddy and you play hopscotch while the water sprays you you know when you'd wear this when you're diving under water and you want to see the fishies oh you might want to weigh the circle if you diving down Marshall wait a second I thought that was Marshall isn't.

Cool big horse chase one more thing public to supplies video you've got Oh.

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