GIANT Peanut Butter Cup! DIY Reeses PB Cups Recipe by Cupcake Addiction

Hey guys! it's Elise and welcome back to my cupcake addiction on today's episode we're talking candy not actual candy chocolate candy.

I'm going to be showing you how to make a giant Reese's Peanut Butter Cup it's not.

Giant that you couldn't eat it all by yourself but it's probably.

Giant that you should need it all by yourself I'm not going to judge either way let's get started on today's giant peanut butter cut recipe as always I'm going to leave all of your quantities for your ingredients in the description box below and for your equipment today I've got an offset spatula a spoon and a clean ruler and I'm using a non stick metal tart or quiche pan mine's got a removable base in it you can also use a silicone pan for this which is a little bit easier but then not as wildly available I've got a little bit of sifted icing sugar which is also known as confectioners sugar or powdered sugar some smooth peanut butter some salted butter and some melted milk chocolate I've got a large mixing bowl and you can use a wooden spoon here but to save my arms I've got an electric mixer and also a little bit of baking paper.

First up we need to line the base of our tin.

Like I said mines removable and I'm just going to place a piece of baking paper over it flip it over and then just fold that in.

That I'm kind of making a nice neat circle I don't recommend cutting a circle of baking paper if you're using the ones with a removable base because the chocolate tends to move around if you're tapped in doesn't have a removable base then yes just cut a circle of baking paper and if you're using a silicone mould you need nothing at all once it's lined you want to scoop in a generous amount of that milk chocolate and I'm going to leave my recommended quantities down below it's important here that your chocolate layer is not too thin.

I'm just using the back of a spoon just to even it out and to scoop it up the sides of my little tart tin as you can see I'm making sure that I get it not too thin on the sides not too thick in the corners and relatively even on the bottom take that now and pop it off into the fridge to completely set and while that's setting we can make our peanut butter filling place all of your powdered sugar into a line large mixing bowl and then you want to scoop in all of your peanut butter I use dispatch Allah just to make sure that I didn't waste any of it and then you also want to add your butter.

Your butter should be really really nice and soft or even a little bit melted is fine here you can use a wooden spoon but like I said I like to save my arms a little bit.

How many use the electric mixer started on a really low speed or you're gonna end up with a bit of a dust storm once it's mixed through a little bit you can turn that speed up to about a medium and you want to mix them till they're just nicely combined this mixtures supposed to be a little bit thick and lumpy looking in the poll but once we sort of need it and squish it down it will perfectly resemble a smooth peanut butter cup inside take your chocolate base out of the fridge now and because we've used that little base it should really really easily come out of that nonstick case be really gentle with it here and if you find that any of your chocolates kind of overlap to that baking paper just use the knife to kind of take away any major excess and you should just be able to kind of just jiggle it away from the edges it should pop out quite nicely you can use another knife just to trim off any excess.

You've got a really nice neat flat base on your peanut butter cup now because your chocolate shells going to be quite fragile you want to take your peanut butter mixture because we really do firmly press this down.

You can see here when you squeeze it it's quite firm almost like a cookie door of fondant.

You want to put all of your peanut butter mixture into your empty tart pan now and. This is where the nonstick is slightly bit in the silicone because it's got a bit more structure.

I'm using a lot of pressure and a lot of weight to just really push that peanut butter filling down into the same shape as the top pan once that's pushed down you want to pop it out of the top pan and then you can use a knife just to scrape around the edges because you don't want to be exactly the same size as your case you want it to be ever.

Slightly smaller.

I'm just using the line of that nonstick base just to really run my knife around.

I end up with like a nice disc of peanut butter filling here's your offset spatula or even your ruler here just to remove that disk of peanut butter because it'll be a bit stuck to that tray base and then you want to clean your tart pan out and you want to place the chocolate shell back into the pan for additional support take your disk of peanut butter deliciousness place it straight into your base and it should fit pretty perfectly and just press it down around the edges you want to leave a gap of about a half a step two meter above the line of where that peanut butter disc finishes at the top of your tart mould pour over the rest of your melted milk chocolate and you better have to have a little bit too much here then a little bit too little because we want it to really nicely fill our tart tray and just distribute it around and kind of push it into any gaps along the side using the back of your spoon try to make sure that your chocolate here is melted but not hot I'm going to use a ruler kind of like if I was laying fresh cement.

First I'm just distributing that chocolate.

That it's relatively even over the top of my little tart case and then I'm going to do one final sweep to make sure I've got a beautiful smooth top to my Reese's Peanut Butter Cup pop that on back in the fridge to set but before you want to serve it this can just sit at room temperature.

It doesn't need to be refrigerated and you don't really want it refrigerated it's going to be impossible to cut into or to bite through you've got your gorgeous giant Reese's peanut butter candy Cup I hope you guys have loved this idea for more amazing sweets baking ideas recipes and crazy cool things you can make your friends and family make sure you check out my youtube channel my cupcake addiction subscribe for two new videos every week and as always thanks very much for watching.

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