Giant Reese's PB Cups! (2280 calories)

For comparison one pound Reese's Cups normal to back. All right.

Let's get these other bars out of the way I would see you guys another day but could decide which can you go have one to eat today.

To make my life a little easier I posted a picture on social media Facebook chose Reese's Cup hands-down Instagram chose the crunch bar actually Witter nanos we chose the Reese's Cup.

Today we are doing the 1 pound Reese's Cups I think this bad boys maybe next honestly we can a comic box below with 20 or CMS maybe I can post that before New Year's or something.

Here's the packaging you can see right there - 8 ounce cup for total of 1 pound 2280 calories they say there's 12 servings in here but we know that's more look at that thing that leashes it's.

Tiny. All right, enough talk time for the challenge - half pound Reese's Cups. All right, Oh three two one go by for more coupons or perform Hey oh just line the 1:37 teeth yeah I look like I lost a tooth right now. All right, oh that is one minute 29 seconds for the one pound Reese's Cup challenge this has been something I've wanted to do for a long time I literally see these candy bars in the aisle every single year.

Glad I'm finally getting to do it.

If you guys want to see any of these for the next video hopefully I can have it up before the new year but leave a comment in the colored box below tell me what you want to see the crunch bar the Hershey bar your patties or the Ferrero Rocher you.

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