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Hi everyone it's Lori thanks for joining me I'm really excited to share with you some fun new items i received from thermal web as part of their new partnership with gina k designs they have a whole new line of products they have cardstock they have coordinating foils to match those card stocks they have coordinating dies by gina k and all kinds of new products and i'm really excited to show you what i received the first thing I'm going to show you are these dyes these are nesting guys and they are stitch dice I get asked all the time how do i create that stitched look around the edges of some of my cuts and that's from these stitched dies. This is the circle set that I just showed you and it comes with three nested dies as well as the heart and if you look at the die I'm going to show that to you if you look at the diet you can see the little stitch lines are part of the die all four of these sets have the stitched effect. This is the square large set it also includes a flower. This is the rectangle large set which it also includes two dies and again you can see the stitch lines are built right in and. This is the oval set with the tag another new product that's fun from gina k are these sentiments these are toner driven sentiments.

You can foil them and then cut them out and use them on your projects she has two of them the first one was true friend and this one's birthday essentials.

This has all kinds of birthday sentiments that you can foil and add to your projects there are also some new pattern papers these are also made with toner.

That they work with your foil your deco files and this there's one with polka dots that this one's elegant florals and that one's polka party.

Gina K Designs/Thermoweb Projects

We'll be using those on our project the next new product that they have are the card stock this card stock is really really nice card stock it's 120 pound or I'm sorry 100 pound card stock and it is prime time and Island dream colors I really like it it matches the new foil colors which we're going to take a look at here in a minute there's also the white and black card stock these are toner sheets by d'eco foil and what you can do with these is cut out things cut out words cut out shapes and then stick them through the laminator with the deco foil and it foils right on top of it they have a pill and stick back on them which makes it really nice these are the new genic a fancy foils and look at all these fun colors and you'll notice they coordinate with those card stocks colors this one's turquoise sea wild dandelion sweet mango red velvet grass green wild lilac jelly bean green gold sequins and look how fun that is it does look like sequins silver sequins and passionate pink. This is one we will be using on our project also there are coordinating inks by gina k. This is also a new product to thermal web and two spools of ribbon one is a white and gold and one is a black and gold under a lot of ribbon on this school I'm also going to be using the thermal web 3d foam squares the zot singles and the adhesive runner first I'm going to cut a piece of cardstock four inches wide by three and three-quarter inch tall and then I'm just going to punch it with my rolodex punch next I'm going to use one of the pattern papers by gina k and i'm going to use the large circle die and run this through my cuttlebug this will work in any die cutting machine next I'm going to use the small circle and cut that on the green and another one of the heart in the pink and then I'm going to grab one of those toner sheets and just cut a small piece and I have this die. This is this one I had from my stash that says happy and I really like the toner sheets for this because it has that adhesive back.

It's really easy to stick down I don't have to worry about how to glue it and I can run this through the with the foil and make this any color I one with the toner sheets you get this transfer paper it's actually like parchment paper you're going to open that up place your projects in there with the toner side up and then you're going to place the deckle foil with the pretty side up with the color side facing you you want to make sure it's totally covering your shapes and then you're going to run it through your laminator you want to make sure your laminator is preheated for at least 15 minutes i started my before i started the project but you do want to make sure it is nice and hot and if you have a hot cold laminator make sure you've got it on the heat setting now comes the fun part we get to see our pretty foiled shapes there's my happy and you can see that looks beautiful in that turquoise and there is the pink polka dots a lot of fun and don't throw away your negatives you could put that right down on a piece of cardstock and that would make a really neat background and the same for the happy you would want to put it on a toner-based cardstock now I'm going to use my tape runner and I'm going to adhere the blue rectangle to the pink rolodex card and I'm going to use some thermal web adhesive on the circle and the next one I'm going to use the foam squares the 3d foam squares i really like these they're all cut and ready to go and its edge to edge adhesive you can see what a fun detail that stitch edge adds to the shapes i'm going to add another pop that to the back of this heart and then i'm going to peel the sticky back off of this happy and place that right on top of the heart super simple and then I've just tied a small bow with the genic a ribbon and i'm going to add that on with a large zot i like to use these for adding things that are a little more difficult to stick down things that need a little bit stronger adhesive and that works perfect.

I hope you enjoyed this video I had.

Much fun making these and here are some final pictures i did add a few more details afterwards i added the word be i added a little bit of white dots and some epoxy enamel dots and the same with this one I just added the word life but look at those stitched details are.

Cute and. This is how it looks in my memory decks which I am having such a great time with I also made a coordinating card using the k sentiments and the turquoise foil I thought it turned out really cute and made a really cute little gift set thanks.

Much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video as always I'll have all the products linked in the description below the video if you can't see them just click on see more and then you can click on the link and it will take you right to it I think you're really going to love this new line of gina k products with thermo web see you next time bye bye.

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