Glazed Pecan Candy Recipe Demonstration

Good morning good morning or in here we are at the kitchen store and we are creating something wonderful today are we yes I know them as Chinese up pecans okay that's what they called it back in the days when I was a kid okay and I used to make them from time to time and they were extremely expensive for some reason because I don't know why because it's like cans and it's yummy and people like it I know so but it's so easy to make okay and we're going to show you how to make them basically there are glazed a sugar glazed pick are right but the idea is I like to even char them a little where it's a little burnt very crunchy you can taste a little bit of the burnt taste the sugar yes so it depends on your preference of how much you like the sugar glaze to be burnt or not gotcha yeah so let's get to it well we're going to start with what do we have one in five cups one and a half cups of pecans we have about a quarter cup of sugar of sugar yeah a little bit of water to dissolve the sugar we're going to put it all in the in the description and a little saucepan all right we're gonna put the saucepan on on heat so basically you are melting the sugar in the water to make a simple syrup II kind of thing okay kind of thing that's what I say yeah well unfortunately I speak in the thingy Tony so you're just melting the sugar you're not bringing that sugar water up to any particular temperature now we're just making everything is dissolved ok first you only chose the smallest spoon you could at this point we're going to add the pecans so that they get covered ok and this yr your spoon comes in yeah honestly they look tasty right now don't they yeah I love nuts alright so now that they're all nicely covered yeah we're going to move them to a an ice sheet of either parched parchment paper yep it's ok so we're going to either use a parchment paper or one of these silicone pads and now if you want them all individual yeah you wanna hang on if you want to layer them ok so they get nicely so they'll be toasty all the way around each nut not so they form chunks are you can you could you know i'd like them individual so i could eat more and plop it into the oven at 350 for how long actually at least at least 20 minutes okay at that point just monitor and see how odd dark it becomes okay into the oven it goes set timer and not forget it all right so we had 20 minutes here and let's uh let's check into the oven move look at that we can touch it still little little tacky little tacky well I say what might pull it up see how it looks like looks tasty yeah i would give it another five to ten minutes okay all right so let's go ahead and check on these ruiz a perfect perfect perfect oh they're the way he likes them look at that yeah we good maybe a little more excellent few more minutes okay all right all right all right so at this point these are ready Oh going we're gonna set them aside to cool down okay we'll get back to them all right you have to be completely cool before you eat them okay yeah you don't want to bring yourself yes ok ok ok so these cool down a little yeah and as you can see the durable crisp crisp dirt charred they taste amazing let's get reaction from me okay can you yardi I can yes I hear the candied crispy hmm and because we let it go a little little longer it has this has this shabb caramelized criminalize burnout hmm flavor love it this was the best candy ever it's better than candy actually let's get your reaction oh okay hmm alright wow I could finish a whole bag of peas well so they're kind of stuck to the pan but not not dramatically and we've got them so they're kind of individual huh so when you just just even just come not even pulling them apart you're just like taking them off the pan which is kind of interesting and there's a little you see the little candied part okay it's definitely candied but really what it is is that pecan that is just absolutely toasted through and through it does not taste burnt no no it's a bird like flavor yeah it I can't very unique yeah it's not burnt much you're going to go oh yeah yes it's toasty dark caramel e yeah that's why it's important to check on it from as soon as it gets to the 20 minutes mark to kind of check on it and make sure that because every every oven is a little different yeah it does not taste Bert Bert is great but it has a death I guess is what I want as a death like I said I could eat a whole bag of these happy I'm you have that's oh whatever what can we do with this stuff besides eating them out of the bag ice cream absolutely definitely right I'm up sprinkle on top even put it in your ice cream I think this is going to maintain that first penis yep what if you chopped it up and put it in a peanut butter sandwich I mean just as simple as that the house abilities are endless and you're damn good they allowed to use that word damn good sure I give you permission thank you Oh orang-orang we should we should go around and ask people how do you like this all right now let's do that let's do that will you try something for us we just made do you like the cons at all this is a ricola my candied pecan and it's almost loop that's okay they jump it's almost like a burnt but not quite dirt what do you think thank you for trying I have another one yeah I don't mind if I do all right so these are pecans that that were basically baked in sugary syrup and you will notice that they have a little bit of a burnt aftertaste but that's what we were going for and you're not allergic to nuts right now let's see let's see what if you like it okay yes I do yes I do and it almost has some peanut a little bit of a peanut flavor to it isn't that weird have more have more because I know once you have one you can't want to have a look at the whole thing so again we are looking away all right so what do we do what do what do we say if you like this video please please thumb up subscribe and this way you can watch some more video right yes we are absolutely the most fascinating to on YouTube possible because we're so odd no maybe this is absolutely a delicious treat delicious treat
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