GMH017 PostBag 123 Precision Blocks, Speakers

[Music] hello again and this is a geek must have and this is another postbag video this is from the hardware factory store in Lexington Kentucky that's a real heavy package and I'm pretty sure I know what's in this two one two three blocks please say they're made in China what they are our two highly precise machine metal blocks that are wrapped up very well I think it's okay to use up my fondness always they have that fresh smell of machine oil in the evening I love it yeah well I need to get a rag to wipe this off it's already get oil over just about everything let's take this out put it down and what it is it's a machined block that is flat and pen parallel the sides are parallel 2.000 to of an inch in the squaring us how square the sides are to each other how these how these ends are square to each other like this this to this the parallel ISM is the two sides going this way and then this part right here is the the squareness on all side is accurate 2.000 three of an inch the pair that means the two of these are matched to each other to within point zero zero zero two of an inch so these are truly a matched set has 23 holes in it five of them are theft with a 38 16th thread for clamping and 18 of the holes are untapped made a hardened steel precision ground with a lot of oil on it why did I buy these well I'm going to be playing with some foam core to make some boxes for some of my test equip I'm basically gonna cut the pieces and glue them together I decided to go online and find out how to go about doing this and I ran into a video from end savage from the old Mythbusters where he rebuilt his childhood home out of foam core these blocks were on the table and he took a couple of seconds to explain that they were 1 2 3 blocks and they're excellent for holding two pieces of board together while the hot glue dries so if you're glowing the foam board use hot glue that's super glue the super glue will melt the inside of the phone board but when you put the hot glue together and you want it just to stay together without you having to hold it these two blocks will hold it firmly in place these blocks have all sorts of other purposes if you get a set of screws the five threaded holes are going in this X direction right here erican there and they go all the way through the block then the rest of the holes that just passed through holes but the hosts go all the way through this big piece of machine I think that's Nevel its tool steel hardened to hardened pool steel you're right heat treated so like it's got a hardness value of like 50 to 60 RC it is an impressive set of blocks for fourteen dollars I will take advantage ease not only the glue the foam core together but when I start playing with poly vinyl chloride compressed board and with some of the plexiglass this is going to help hold the pieces steady while dries I have a nixie tube clock that I want to make and I wanted to be in a clear plexi glass container and I was trying to figure out how to hold the parts together how do you clamp two parts together like that you don't need to clamp them you just use these one two three blocks I didn't even know these existed they will come in handy and you will see them in a future video when I build the boxes for my test gear and the boxes for my steampunk volt meter's and a couple of other things I have in the projects list these were purchased from amazon HFS one pair for fourteen dollars i'm probably going to have to buy a second pair the next package in today's post bag comes from jane roadliner the hull pang exhibition center guangdong china customs label on your says speaker I pretty much think I know what this is it's probably some speakers they and again what's the bubble wrap I do appreciate them wrapping it up really well I often talk poorly about having tons of bubble wrap I throw it away but I mentioned that they shipped it without the bubble wrap there'd be a lot more broken things out there this is wrapped up especially well I think I ordered two pairs of very small speakers all right careful here I don't want to cut the cones let's see if we can least get there we go of course the speakers are wrapped together and guess what another layer of sulfane all right this is the first set of speakers these are 8 ohms think they're a watt these speakers came from Aliexpress from a young War science store and they're 5 watt not one lot and the pair of them cost three dollars shipped to me these are actually five watt 50 millimeter speakers 50 millimeters across there five watts magnet on the back is only 18 millimeters so this is only 18 millimeters crossed if that the diameter here is 50 ish 50 pretty much on I plan to put these in a small little amplifier set using one of the Pam amplifiers that I got into the pan amplifier circuits that I got nice little speakers they'll probably have to be glued in place because there are no mounting holes or anything like that but they're standard 8 ohm 5 watt speakers and if I'm correct this is another set of speakers only these are oblong or oval ashore rectangle whatever you like to say these are somebody sent in a message to me asking a question we notice they buy a lot of things from China and ask me whether there were any problems well doesn't matter where you order stuff from I mean the order stuff from amazon or ebay or just about anybody and you order a lot of stuff over a period of time just you're going to have a certain percentage of failures no matter what and i've had them too but one of the things that kind of amazes me about Aliexpress that they get a lot of grief about is their return policy well when you get to a certain level and they have like five levels there are no questions asked if you didn't get something you file a dispute and within a couple of days your monies refunded to your account now on a couple of occasions I filed a dispute because something didn't come on time and I got the refund and sure enough two or three days later I got the item so I always tried to fess up with the vendors and you know make certain that they get paid and everything but I'd hear things that have been defective I've had things that were miss shipments just like I would any vendor who you buy a lot of stuff from you're going to have mistakes I'm a little amused that they're wrapping methods they use this yellowish type of tape to wrap things in and it usually stinks to high heaven but the products are fairly good and they're very inexpensive which means you can build a lot of little projects for just a little money so these are some also five watt speakers there are kind of AA evolution not Avila SH but rectangular in shape and I think they're about let's say about 90 millimeters and 90 millimeters by about say 40 and off it's their 50 ish I'm getting better at estimating things and metrics never used to estimate things and metrics instill it until I started building project boxes and found out it was a lot easier to divide odd numbers like 100 millimeters by five than it was foreign and eighth inches by five and I've been slowly converting myself over to millimeters and most of the database of things I have uses millimeters as the standard and these are five watt speakers there's a pair of them they have a little heftier magnet on the back the magnets approximately 35 millimeters across down the back and they have mounting holes which is going to come in handy they have unlike this other set of speakers that have a vinyl type of cone these have a true old style paper comb that moves back and forth these will dry out eventually over time but by the time I built the project then had some fun with it and got rid of it to somebody else I will moved on to something else and I think that these were a dollar seventy-five cents for the pair so for a small little project with a couple of speakers in it like a small little MP player that's kind of unique in a unique type of box probably a steampunk box that's not bad you thank you for watching this video and I hope that you enjoyed it if you did please click on the like button and leave any of your comments or suggestions in the area below there is a companion blog to this YouTube channel that is at geek must have calm and I would really appreciate it if you would subscribe to my channel now take a little time off and go go to speaker cabinet listen to music
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