Gold Dipped Die Cuts - Therm O Web Deco Foil Technique

Hey everyone its Karissa at sprinkled with glitter and I am here today to show you how to make some gold dip die-cuts I was searching Pinterest for some inspiration and I came across these feathers these real feathers that had been gold dipped and I thought it would be fun to try to translate this into paper crafting.

I'm starting out with this feather dye. This is from the my mind's eye niche collection and I'm going to cut it out of this essentials by Ellen 43 pound elem and today with my civics bigshot I'm going to be trying out the precision base plate now. This is a metal plate and you put it right on top of your platform it takes the place of your bottom cutting pad and the nice thing about. This is it helps you get a really nice clean cut for intricate dies but the thing about it is that you want to make sure that when you're using it that you put your die blade side down to where the blade is pressing against the metal.

That you get all the pressure that you need to get a nice clean cut.

Once you get that die place face down onto the precision base plate and your paper you're going to put your standard cutting pad right across it and then run it through your die cut machine now I thought the really cool part about this was it didn't seem to leave any kind of impression on the metal cutting plate or the precision base plate.

Gold Dipped Die Cuts - Therm O Web Deco Foil Technique

It seems like it'll hold up and need to be replaced a whole lot less often than the standard cutting pads now I wanted to show you that this guy also embosses as well but I'm not worrying about that today.

Now that I have all of my feathers die cut out of the vellum I'm going to apply some of this deco foil liquid adhesive now this adhesive once you put it on it needs to dry before you foil it and I'm going to be using the deco foil along with it today.

I have my feathers and I'm going to put them on to my craft mat and I have a paintbrush here and I'm just going to be painting on that liquid adhesive and I've chosen one that kind of fans out and isn't quite as dense on the ends because I really want to see the brushstrokes in this adhesive when I put it on now to keep my feathers in place while I'm working I just put a little bit of post-it tape on the top of them to hold them in place and then I'm gonna squeeze out a little bit of this liquid adhesive and brush it on using my paintbrush now I'm just applying it to the bottom maybe third of these feathers and I'm making sure that I am NOT creating like one thick solid dense line across the top where I stopped.

It has a lot of brushstrokes in it it's almost like a dry brush effect where you just get a little bit of adhesive it's not solidly color covered there are some gaps in it but that's. Okay, because I really wanted that brushstroke look now this was.

Easy I decided to go ahead and do all six of them while I was doing it and you can see they've curled up there on the bottom as they dried a little bit more they kind of flattened back out a little bit but they still did have some curls.

Once you get the foil 'add adhered if you wanted to put them in a book or something to flatten them out you could.

While that adhesive dries on my feathers I am going to use this lawn fawn stitched rectangle dye to create a card front now I have my small and my large set both in the same envelope here but. This is the largest rectangle from the small set and. This is going to just create a nice stitch border on my card front now I wanted to show you here the precision base plate when you use it you do use your lose your magnetic platform it doesn't have that magnetism anymore.

If you're worried about it staying in place you may want to just use your standard cutting pads and also when I ran this dye through you saw me stop there because there was a lot of resistance and I did not want to take the chance.

I went ahead and ran this particular dye through using my standard cutting pads now that I have that stitch rectangle cut out I am going to use a nesting circle die from we are memory keepers and cut a circle window into the front of my card front and then I've got my card base here it's kind of hard to see there but I have the card front layered on top of the card base and I just nested that circle right back into the window that I just cut and I'm going to now cut this circle out of my card base as well.

That when I place one on top of the other the windows will line up perfectly with each other because I'm going to be putting a little bit of acetate.

You can see once I pop this out my card front is intact as well as my card base and now I have the windows that line up exactly with each other now in this window I thought it would be fun to use some of this we are memory keepers clearly bold striped acetate I am really loving this stuff and.

I've just cut a little scrap here and I'm adhering it with a little bit of liquid adhesive to my card base.

And I'm putting these stripes to where they're at an angle across that window there I just thought it would be something a little fun.

Now that my adhesive is dry and I know it's dry because I'm touching it on the craft mat I can bring my feathers back in and then add the foiling to it now you want to make sure that this adhesive dries before you do the step.

That's really important and now I have this deco foil. This is from thermal web and I just cut a little piece of this gold deco foil and I'm putting it pretty side up or the silver side on to the adhesive and I'm just pressing that foil on to that dried adhesive that's already there and you can see that when I lift up I've transferred that foil on to that feather now when you go over these you might find that there's some areas that you missed and that's. Okay, you can take the foil right back to it now my areas that I had missed were actually because the glue wasn't in those spots not because I wasn't burnishing it well enough.

Here in burnishing it with my fingers but I wanted to see what would happen if I burnished it on there using my Teflon bone folder and I found that when I did this it actually changed the texture of the foil completely.

Instead of it being this really nice smooth foil finish it almost had like a gold leaf effect instead.

There was a lot more texture and it was almost a little bit more dull looking.

They're both ways that you can try to use this and see which one you like better.

You can see the grouping of feathers here that I'm placing on the Left I just burnished on with my fingertip or my finger pad not my fingernail but the pad of my finger and it's got that nice smooth foiled look and these on the right I burnished with Teflon bone folder and it has that gold leaf look with a lot more texture to it.

You can figure out what you like for my card project I went ahead and chose the ones that are nice smooth gold foil finished and I created a little grouping of three feathers and I'm going to tie them together using a little bit of this DMC gold thread and because this thread is a little bit hard to tie I used my ek success tweezers to hold it in place while I tied my bow and to keep that bow from shifting around too much I went ahead and squeeze the little matte medium behind there and set a block on top of it to let it dry.

That my bow wouldn't come undone for my greeting I'm going to use this hello gorgeous stamp set. This is from the essentials by Ellen Line and I'm going to use the words hello gorgeous huh and I'm going to arrange them on my block and before I stamp it on to my card project I want to make sure I have it arranged exactly how I want it and once I get it perfect then I'm going to ink it up in the versafine black onyx ink and stamp it on to my card front now I have a piece of fun foam that's sitting behind this.

There's gonna be a little dimension you can kind of see it there and I'm adding my card front with just a little bit of taper and our adhesive and because I didn't want to smudge my sentiment that I just stamped I went ahead and laid a piece of scrap paper over the top to press it down now my feather grouping I'm just going to adhere over that window kind of to the left side of that window and I'm adhering that on with a little bit of the multi medium and I use my tweezers to position it to make sure that I got it exactly where I wanted it and I'm using just a little bit more of that multi medium in the matte finish to adhere some pretty pink posh sparkling clear sequins and I used a mixture of the four millimeter and the six millimeter sequins just to give it a little bit more shine and you can see. This is my finished card project those beautiful gold dip die pets and I wanted to show you up close the difference in these feathers.

These are the feathers that I use the Teflon bone folder and you can see all that texture and kind of almost a more adult finish and then these are the ones that I just pushed on or pressed on the foil using my finger pad and you get that really smooth shiny gold foil effect as always all the products are linked over at my blog at sprinkled with glitter calm as well as in the description at YouTube thanks for stopping by today if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and I hope you have a fabulous day.

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