GP66 Set of 2 Supersized Green Miracle Cleaner and Degreaser on QVC

That no matter what you tried it didn't come up or something that over time you realize well there's just no way that's ever gonna get cleaned when you've tried everything or at least everything you knew of that's when you were going to be thrilled that you have GP 66 and.

What we're bringing you today is the supersize you're getting two super-sized bottles of this miracle cleaner and degreaser and we're just showing you just a few of the things that this will work for and this has got high back appreciate it I'll share with everybody what we're going to talk about really was originally only available kind of in commercial uses you talk about shops and garages and places where you know SuperDuper stains or what they had to take care of and now we can use this at home that's the key everywhere else on the planet it's sold in 55-gallon drums it cleans 900 million square feet of Auto Body Shop stadiums arenas convenience stores every single night but here at QVC you get it in spray bottle format it's industrial-strength this company is out of Baltimore Maryland family-owned company they do one thing and they do it great they make GP 66 but I'll show you in a second why that's.


What I did here was I put permanent marker on it on a sealed tile spray paint on a porous tile we're gonna let those dry for just a second. Okay.

GP66 Set of 2 Supersized Green Miracle Cleaner and Degreaser on QVC

Now what I want you to do is understand that you'll see this on tile wood carpet pots and pans it's what you reach for it when you've reached for everything else.

Here's a sealed hardwood floor what I'm going to do is and I've covered this with shoe polish and grease way worse than anything to be in your own home but I did that to simulate the scuff marks the grime that builds up on your wood floor what I want you to do is take your sponge daddy today's special bad. Okay, because it won't scratch and what you're gonna do is just go in here and use the GP sixty-six best degreaser Dee Grimer you'll ever see break down that grease and then we'll just pull it right through and clean off your hardwood floors well now not only can you wash it because you've got the the sponge daddy but you brought up all that grease to grant me that hasn't damaged your wood and that's the beauty. Okay, look at this you probably wouldn't even realize that's what the original wood surface looked like how many years in your kitchen have you been cooking and all of that grease and dirt has been accumulating you probably don't and realize what it looks like underneath. This is how you get to it that's great that's exactly right.

Here's that permanent market we just put on it's dried now.

What I'm going to do is I'm just going to tilt this and before I even use the rag look how it just starts breaking down that permanent marker.

Say the kids get a little nuts then you know Johan the coucher getting on their clothes it's a great laundry pretreat ER.

Now what I'll do is I'll just use the rags simply to clean up the solution but it's also going to clean up the marker itself now we've got it squeaky clean you can hear it it will clean up this and that magic marker which could have been a disaster was a very manageable situation and it's gone for good that is fantastic by the way you're getting two bottles. Okay, so. This is our supersize for you and the price is under $25 and we do have a buy more and save.

If you'd like more than one your gonna we're gonna take three dollars off the price of each set after that first one Oh spray paint right now I want you to use Campanelli microfiber that you just saw best microfiber on the planet. Okay, and what you do is you go with this microfiber you got the scrubbing of the microfiber but you really need the GP 66 to break down that paint well look at that it takes it right up a spray paint is about the nastiest stain you can find you think it's permanent it's not when you've got GP 66 and the thing is where you use that and where I've heard.

Many people say is they're driving down the road and the painting the lines in the road and the paint goes up into the wheel well that's where Nancy Hornbeck used it exactly for that two weeks ago and it's saved her car it really did right that's great baked on cooked on.

So far tiles yeah sealed hardwood now we're going to pots and pans.

Again I am scraped on burnt on brown and gravy with a blowtorch way worse than anything that would be in your own home but I do that to illustrate the point that GP 66 will start immediately breaking this down I am not using a rag I'm trying not to spray our cameraman here I apologize but look at this I am NOT scrubbing I mean even I haven't touched it it's literally breaking down that's saying the only reason I need a rag or a cloth is simply to wipe up the solution and the rest of the mess but check that out it has literally broken it down now I'll come through it the rag and what it'll do is it will restore the shine and the luster of the pot and the pan back to the day you bought it the only thing I will say to you is if you know if you have pots or pans that are 10-15 years old it's not going to exactly look like this your day-to-day maintenance of your temptations of your cooks essentials nothing better than the GP 66 and again that's I mean think about it this way the last time you had that stain or that problem that you couldn't get out and you thought oh I tried everything yeah. This is where you go if you've got GP 66. This is what you reach for. All right.

You're gonna show me carpet.

Isn't this great now we've done sealed hardwood we've done porous tile sealed tile we're about to do leather but here we're doing carpet look at this we've taken this carpet this thick berber carpet and soaked it with a combination of soy sauce brown and gravy mud and coffee again way worse than anything to be in your own home but Lia. This is the original color of the carpet. This is an ivory berber carpet and without me touching without me scrubbing without me doing anything that's not the color of the spray no that's the color of the carpet being revealed that's not foam you're exactly right it's it's insane how effective this product is like I said it's industrial-strength this company does one thing and they do it incredible GP 66 a lot of you are doing the buy more and save and by the way can I tell you this for me because and you know here's what happens it's sort of the stain maybe that you didn't even realize was there and then it's.

Late and you think oh now it's never going to come up you reach for your GP 66 we're looking at the interior of the oven I'm looking at the sink it works on all of these surfaces the nastiest stuff that you need to clean what you've reached for when you've reached for everything else you're going outside all that green yuck and brown Yuki stuff that builds up on your siding I personally moved into my home about two and a half years ago I took a bottle of this put in a bug spray and sprayed the driveway to get the old owners grease and oil up from their cars I scrubbed it it worked like a charm. This is like I said the worst of the worst stains you can use this as an everyday cleaner wait you see what it doesn't break dust on the nastiest stuff. This is the way to go okay. All right.

We saw carpet we saw wood surface we saw tile yep what today well the funny thing is.

Here's a leather chair and. This is a kind of leather chair you'd see in a salon or maybe in a studio where a lot of people sit and they get makeup oil body you know that kind of stuff on it these are all grease based stains.

We went around the studio just today right before the presentation with this rag and clean some of the chairs that were around the studio that's the stuff that comes out that's the makeup the sweat the body oil that GP 66 will take out but look on the back of this leather chair. This is one of my own and what I'll do is I'll spray just a little bit of GPU 66 here and I'll start cleaning the leather look how it brings the leather back to life and that's the thing.

It what's insane about. This is not only how effective it is but how many different surfaces you can use it on because we're now tile wood pots and pans carpet leather and we're not even close to done carry of your car you know and you find after you've been sitting there for a long time and it's starting to look a little worse the thing is and I love that you said you know maybe you're happy with your everyday cleaner. This is what you want to have when you need more than that and that's the reason already over a thousand of these have been ordered and remember we have a buy more and save three dollars off the price of you're getting another set and maybe you're going to share that with other family members or you just want to stock up and keep it on hand but make sure you're ordering today here are the grease screens that are in your hood your oven hoody or microwave.

The thing with these things is not only they trap the grease but the odors as well.

You want to clean them off right the thing is these tips are about eight or nine dollars a piece I mean they're not cheap you have to special order them.

You can use it GP 66 but watch what happens here when I put it in the water after I've treated the GP 66 that's the grease the grime and the odors coming out.

Just a few sprays that will bring this back out brought it back to new and not only said have you cleaned it you've saved yourself some money thinking of my own and I'm thinking oh I need that right now yeah it's funny because once you start using it you say oh gosh I love that is this what is what sold me. This is what I very first used the product. This is what I loved about it. This is a cabinet door. Okay, in your kitchen cabinets you know they look dull or they look filmy well that's the grease from cooking that builds up you look at this kinda Tori's it. Okay, it looks. Okay, like this doesn't look like there's a whole lot wrong look what happens when I take this clean rag and you think why do my my cabinet doors look.

Filmy and yucky and you know I don't know why it's looking that way.

You look at it afterward you think to yourself. Okay, Scott it looks shinier looks a little bit clearer looks like the wood came back to life that smells that's odors that's grease that's built up in your kit brings your kitchen counters back to life because it's a degreaser and a D grime and that's just it and and the versatility you've seen Scott do all of these different surfaces.

That's the reason you want to have it on hand and that's the reason we bring it to you in this big supersized you're getting two of the 32 ounce bottles alright.

What do we go yes I mean we can't stop cleaning different things we've done cabinets carpet hardwoods grease traps now we're going into the bathroom your bathroom tiles get soap scum or all kinds of other yucky stuff what do you want you to do is take today's special value the scrub daddy get your scrub daddy and start scrubbing. Okay.

This way again you're not using disposable paper towels you're not using you know anything other than something that can be washed and check this out now we're going through and we've cleaned up the grout we clean up our tiles we've brought them back to life yeah all that junk is gone because remember all that soap scum is really a greased body oil-based stain this degreases it D Grymes that's what it does not tell you you know think about it maybe you do this once a month.

That it makes it easier for that everyday cleaning. This is beyond the everyday cleaning. This is what you do when nothing else has worked.

Here's what you'll what you'll let us know if you want it the item number is the three one two three zero we do have a buy more and save will take three dollars off the price of each set after the first but you're getting 2 32 ounce bottles of the GP 66 miracle cleaner and degreaser and Scott is just showing you a few of the ways you're going to use it you will be thrilled to have it when you get it at home it's.

Good yeah I'm gonna get mine and clean those great Center. All right, well listen I hope you've enjoyed all the things that we've brought you to help making cleaning a little easier.

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