Graduation Cap Chocolate treats. Cute Graduation Recipe. Very easy. Takes less than 5 minutes

Welcome back to honey's cooking with graduations coming up with high school and college we thought it would be a great idea to make a cute tree for your graduation party.

We're going to make graduation caps with chocolate.

Chocolate graduation cap treats is what I'm calling them what you're going to need is some yellow gel food coloring some cream cheese frosting definitely feel free to check out our recipe for cream cheese frosting it's amazing and just add a little bit of yellow food coloring to that to make give it that yellow. This is going to be our tassel you also want some chocolate chips some either chocolate cookie wafers or just some pieces of chocolate I use pieces of chocolate like Hershey's in square shapes and then you want mini Reese's Cups and some peanut butter we're going to take our little receipt cup and we're going to put it on a plate add a little bit of peanut butter on top of it. This is our glue to keep our cap together.

We're just going to put that on the top there see just enough to make it stick we're going to take our chocolate piece smooth at all make it nice and pretty stick it onto the top a little bit more peanut butter to our little chocolate chip here and oh too much just enough.

He sticks. This is the button on the top of our cap and now we're going to use our yellow cream cheese frosting to make our little tassel let's pick in the can never remember which side he goes on but I think it goes on the left side before you flip it.

That's where I'm putting our tassel then we just put that on there nice little line make sure our butt button sticks a little bit more here cut the bottom of the tassel is nice and fluffy and there we go and then you just repeat with the rest of it when you have cute little graduation caps hope you guys enjoy definitely check out the rest of our recipes and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel thanks for watching.

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