GreenSmoothieGirl: How To Sprout

Hi I'm Robin with green smoothie girl calm and today we are talking about sprouting you probably know that I think that the most the biggest deficit in the American diet is live enzymes and I'm not by a longshot the only one who thinks so many many experts are telling us we need more live foods well eat your greens eat your raw fruits and vegetables but the next step to take is to start sprouting nuts and seeds also legumes and grains I'm going to show you some of my favorite things to do it's so easy to sprout this is such an easy step to take to improve your nutrition the first thing that I like to use every single day in our diet is a mix of these little tiny seeds these I'm using right here are red clover and alfalfa I buy them in bulk and mix them together myself saves quite a bit over buying the mixes from like an azure standard buying co-op and you're just gonna put maybe about that much in a pint jar or twice that much in a quart jar you're gonna cover it with water and let it sit about four to eight hours okay so maybe you did that overnight then what I like to use is wire mesh and I just put it in a regular canning lid or you can get plastic mesh from a craft store just cut it to the size of the the lid and you've got something that's just next to free you don't have to buy really fancy sprouting contraptions you can if you want to but this is the easy cheap way to do it the next morning you are going to drain the water off after it has soaked and I seem to have a lid that doesn't fit my jar very well we're just gonna drain it off and the seeds will have swelled inside in size and they'll be about twice as big then just leave it on your counter for a day two days maybe three turning it and rinsing it not another rinsing and then turning maybe twice a day leave it on the counter on its side and after a few days you'll have something it looks like this now my son likes to fill it up with about this many seeds and so this is popped way too tightly but you'll recognize these as the alfalfa seeds but just much shorter that you've seen in stores what I like to do with these is put them in salads and if you are a subscriber to my twelve steps to Whole Foods program step three is all about making fresh salad dressings using all good ingredients you can put some of these in any one of those salad dressings just toss it in your Blendtec Total Blender I talked on my site about why I promote this blender because it's the best blender in the world three horsepower travel as well blends anything so try that for your alfalfa sprouts and put them on sandwiches incredible nutrition now why do we sprout in the first place well let's talk about almonds raw almonds are a little bit hard to get now that California who who produces more than 90% of the world's almond supply will not sell you anything but pasteurized nuts so if you're local on the Wasatch Front send me an email and we do group bys on raw almonds direct from the ranch in California but almonds for instance are covered any brown skin not covered with tannic acids and they also are dormant what we need is water to bring this seeds potential to life okay when you cover it with water it not only swells up here's some that I've already sprouted look how this is twice as big it swells up it also germinates inside and life occurs inside the seed and then you eat it and you steal that life from the seed that it was going to put into making a tree it also increases your vitamin and mineral content in whatever food you sprout by two to five hundred percent depending on the mineral depending on the vitamin so your micronutrients go through the roof but most importantly you have all those live enzymes to help you digest other foods and to help keep you young when your enzymes die that's when you begin to die all your processes die when you lose your enzymes so the next thing that I use a lot is raw sunflower seeds I like to add these two granola I like to sprinkle them in just about anything and again you're just going to cover it with water and then this is what it looks like after they're sprouted they just kind of grow a little bit of a tail there looked a little bit longer and a little bit bigger and I have some recipes in 12 steps the whole foods to use these and then lots of other things you can sprout but I love to soak almonds they swell up like this you then strain them in a strainer and dehydrate them in your dehydrator just make sure it's below 116 degrees because that's where enzymes start to die so I hope you get to start using raw sprouts in your nutrition regimen and you will see your energy increase dramatically next
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