Grizzly G0602 Upgrade: Adding a Quick Change Tool Post to my Metal Lathe

Tyler here with projects in metal comm i wanted to show you guys the lathe that i just purchased from my home shop it's the grizzly g0 6:02 and it's it's a great beginner lathe it's small enough that you know it's easy to fit in a basement or you know small shop but it's large enough that that you won't easily out outgrow it any time soon it's a 10 inch by 22 inch lathe meaning it's got a 10 inch swing and 22 inches of travel but I wanted to talk about one thing with the lathe that that I found a little bit lacking and that's that's the tool post the g0 6:02 comes with a four-way tool post that that I find a little bit inconvenient I'm not a big fan of shimming tooling and you know with with this type of tool post when you have your high speed steel tooling inserted into the tool post you have to actually have to shim it up or down to get it on center line so one of the first upgrades I wanted to do to this lathe was add a quick quick change tool post to it and grizzly sells a couple different quick change tool posts one of which fits the g0 6:02 quite nicely so I wanted to show you the steps needed to convert the existing tool post that the g0 6:02 comes with to a quick change to a post it's really simple you simply remove the existing tool post set it aside and you'll see that it's got this piece here that slides into the compound and when you tighten down the handle on the tool post it pulls this piece up and tightens it against the compound here and then of course you've got the rest of the tool post resting on here on the compound so the pressure is what blocks the tool post in place so like I said Grizzly sells a quick change to a post that is perfect for this lathe and when you buy the tool post from grizzly it's going to come with these pieces right here this piece this threaded shaft and then this piece so converting your tool post that comes on your grizzly g0 6:02 to a clip change tool post is pretty simple you need to buy the 10 inch swing quick change to a post set from grizzly it's the G five six eight nine to a post set the kit comes with this is the main component that you need to adapt to your lathe and for the g zero six or two it's as simple as either taking the this plate and making it fit this slot or doing like I did and manufacturing another plate out of a piece of of steel the reason I did this is you can see that the plate that the the kit comes with is a little bit short for the slot that it needs to go into I don't think that really matters but I didn't want I didn't want space for a bunch of chips to build up and I just thought it looked a little better if if the plate itself was was the right length now if you make your own plate like I did you're going to need a metric tap it's an m14 by 1.5 tap and that's what will allow you to tap the appropriate size hole for this thread then once you've got this either this plate converted meaning milled down to the right shape or another plate made changing the tool post is as simple as sliding it in place and then changing tooling is as simple as sliding the tool in place and tightening it down and when you want to change to like a another tool you loosen it and you swap the tools out now obviously these tools the the reason that I like these over the other tool post is simply because they're adjustable the height of the tool is adjustable so once you have the hype set on centerline the tool is going to be on centerline for you know every project and it just makes it quick and easy to switch between multiple tools it becomes especially important if you've got multiple steps on the same part that you need to perform and that's the reason I like the the quick change tool post over the the other style that the the g0 6:02 came with is just a lot more convenient a lot faster and no shims
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