Growing Pistachio Nut Trees

Look at them all look at all the pistachios can I say what I'm feeling probably not knowing me close anyway lots of pistachios all ripening it related to mine guys it relates to me yes that's why they look like little mangoes tell me no it's out of that stupid dog they smell like mango if you peel the skin off a pistachio you can smell mango they related just a piece of information that I read somewhere cockatoos will eat them when they're ripe cockroaches love nuts it's raining can you hear the rain all blushed now although pistachio trees can stand the terrible heat if you don't water them while they've got not something like this the nuts don't fill out and when you crack the nut you can just fly that there although were all shriveled and deformed inside with nothing really much nicer if you water them and the nuts fill out properly yeah and amazingly drought resistant trees I mean they are so drought resistant but they won't fill out if you don't water them well I've got nuts on like this they do get water from the environment of course but if there isn't enough water the nuts just won't fill out and you'll be disappointed of course you've got to have a male in the female tree of course of course when you have as many pistachio nuts as this just all fresh well you can well you know you can have them green like an avocado up a certain point these are still too hard yes sir still too green but it's your green let's do two green but once they get before drying out as a stage when they're like an avocado and they're all green and milky very like an avocado to look at these are still too hard but there is a stage when the nut inside is still green and or milky I think they're starting to sell them like that nowadays sort of like an avocado anyway you know cock trees always know when they're ripe I think you need your own pistachio tree that's what I think I think it's about time you planted one or several can you hear that mosquito it wants to eat me alive wants to eat me alive under the pistachio tree is this pistachio Veera I think so it's from Greece isn't it originally that's why all those beautiful Greek cakes are covered in bits of slivers of almonds and crushed pistachio nuts very delicious I'll show you the tree on which these pistachios are grafted that sort of laga it's not a Chinese Forester sure but it's something similar I'll just show you what the rootstock is like because I've let it run wild I've literally scape the roots this is the male tree over here but the roots Jacques has escaped and this is the rootstock tree had some sort of ornamental pistachio tree its mother Chinese for sure she'll be cuz it's sort of evergreen it's fairly evergreen this tree well well it's not a hundred percent assiduous this is what everybody's it's not Chinese pistache auspice it's not just a seus an instance but this is what it looks like that's what the berries look like very bored a lots of them we have lots and they're very ornamental and I rather like this tree because it's really drought resistant I've got some suckers of this ornamental and I'm planting them around the place just for a lovely green drought-resistant color in the garden yeah well photographed with my beautiful pistachio tree Wow beautiful nuts some nutty YouTube nuts ready as a fruitcake and there's a beautiful hand of nuts just to close with and it lovely or flushed I'll be writing enough getting there through this dreadful hot summer and as I said water extra water during that time to fill them out nicely stash all the meats out nicely see you then
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