Growing Pistachio Trees From Seed

Rocky Mountain permaculture presents halibuts a dramatic reading by pistachio to be a tree or not to be a tree that is the question Morgan Bowen here from Rocky Mountain permaculture calm we've got some pistachio nuts here they're raw pistachios harvested straight from the tree and I'm going to show you how to propagate pistachio trees with a couple simple techniques these will be pistachio trees from seed and later on in the series look forward to some propagating by cuttings I'll do a little that a little bit later on in the season but for right now it's propagating by seed with the pistachios you can either get them from a pistachio tree or you can get them hopefully online raw maybe at a healthy store make sure they're raw unprocessed unheated untreated and roasted and unsalted those won't work so these are pistachios that are all straight from the tree if you notice here this is sort of my setup here and and these have been going for about a week in the little container here and you'll just kind of see that I've actually got some little bits of sprouts going on here and coming out of the seed really nicely so I'm going to take those in just a minute or two and Transplant those into some little plastic cups I've got I've kind of gone to these plastic cups I like them because when people use them for a party or something you can basically upcycle them I just drill a little hole in the bottom so there's a drain hole and get those ready you can kind of see the little hole that I drilled with the list of a regular drill bit there and plant the pistachios or whatever I'm planting in those let make good little seed starter cups and the nice thing is you can also see the root system developing in there as well see if they're getting root bound if you need to change them out so here's back the pistachios here I just took a simple little plastic baggie I took a piece of piece of paper towel and folded that up and just soaked it with water and then laid the seeds on top of it some seeds like apples like to be cold before they're germinated so people put them in the refrigerator pistachios it's kind of the opposite way around you want to have them in a warm area and I've got them on counter next to a window and I've got my heat dot blowing up from underneath that keeps this table quite warm and so I start my seeds here anyway so this is the first little also the kind of step by step as I break open some pistachios and then put them into the bag first thing I'm going to do to propagate is I'm going to take my raw fast a she owes that I've got and you want to get the shell broken off so you can these little Nutcracker or maybe a little hammer or something and you just kind of break the shell off like you would with you know taking off a pistachio shell and I just take that off and we get to get those cleaned off of there and got up estaciĆ³n up dead that's free and loose take another one here and we break that one okay that crack in there okay just like so so once you get your pistachios so where you've got several of them cracked and ready to go you can take it to the next step and the next step is simply getting them in a place where they can get some moisture and start the process so there's three of my seeds you can start as many as you'd like course more and if you get good germination the more trees you're going to have this one looks like I'm going to damage the little seed that may come to fruition I don't know we'll see it what happens with him so the next thing going to do is you're going to take your paper towel here and you're going to fold it and I just like to kind of have a good couple of layers of paper towel now you take your little plastic baggie and you put the paper towel in the bag like so and shove it in like that okay put that in like that next thing you're going to do is add some water okay now we're going to add a little water to our baggie here just to get the the towel the paper towel moist so pour a little in there and they are super absorbent try and I see that the advertisement says so you'll just want to let that kind of absorb and make sure it's I like it good and soaked there so make sure you get some good soak it's going on in there after about a week or so I actually add a little bit of water to these the ones that I did earlier just to keep them keep them damp and then I just set them down inside there like that and kind of let the you know minis you want to put any pipe put eight or ten in something a little bag like this and then you've got them go on like that so I just got the three here right now Wow then all that I'll start off for for now and here but anyway that's that's how you just set them up very simple very easy and then those of course fill up with water as they absorb the water they'll start to germinate and just like these ones that are a couple of weeks later you'll notice they're all sprouting just these ones were doing really really well here and so what I'll do is I'll take these next and I'll transplant those into in two cups and then we'll get that process started okay these two definitely I've got some good germination I can see this one's starting to to get ready to go and maybe these two as well I might leave those in the bag just a little longer to get them sprouting just the way I want to but we'll go ahead and take our cup and we'll take our first pistachio seed that's that's been germinated and I'm just simply going to make a little divot or a little hole in there into the into the cup into the growing media and I and I just find an organic potting soil there it's more common to find them now you might have to look online if you're away from stores even some of the big box stores are now going organic with some other things so there I take my little my little seed there okay and I'm going to take that seed I'm just going to put it right down into the growing media and it's like it's already she casted shell out there and then we're just going to kind of cover that up just lightly and then what I'll do with this is I'll go ahead and all put a little water in it and just keep it on my growing table here until I get a little sprout coming out in a day or two let me do this one here as well it's as simple as that there's not much to it you let them grow and then it's at certain points you'll probably either want to take the ceiling directly if you if you grow enough of them you can actually propagate and put them right into the garden right where you want to start growing them and just see if you get some ceilings to go put several in the ground and you know see which ones make it and do well is a little seasonal seedling and then you can you can have those all grow up together and the ones that you don't want right there you can cut them out eventually the one that does the best you could do that another people thing people don't want to do is to actually propagate and sell trees maybe a little project for your kids or even yourself if you want to try to make a little money you know selling some things off if your garden and that kind of thing so pretty simple and we'll revisit this in a week or two see how they're how they're developing how they're growing and also get some cuttings and we'll do some propagation by cuttings in a week or two as well so thanks for watching and please subscribe to our YouTube channel rocky mountain permaculture on YouTube and we're also a website rocky mountain permaculture calm our RSS feed if you'd like to subscribe to that we're going to try to come out with a video every week hopefully or maybe more for the next year or so so that's our goal anyway I've joined us thanks this is entirely unethical what are you doing please keep that thing don't touch that Mouse until you watch every episode of Rocky Mountain Park cultures Pama bits brought to you by Rocky Mountain Park on sitcom
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