Hey guys! night Prowler um went re i had a gift card for hunter and something dollars i don't know i had a gift card in I went rei and i wanted to pick up a couple things and i came across this little doohickey here that uh thought was pretty badass. This is and it actually fits exactly what the purpose i wanted the dsi micro table I just thought it was neat I first I wasn't like too impressed with that when I thought cuz. This is actually the display model they didn't have anymore um.

I went ahead and I let me let me see if I can show you guys like packaging and all that.

You guys.



Basically it holds you know 20 pounds and lately uh the reason i picked this up was because I wanted to UM my last little camping adventure i ended up my heater buddy i ended up putting on the floor in the tent like we always do but there was just a little bit of a raise spot maybe like that high in the floor where there was like a rock or something poking up it wasn't very high but the heater was here and it was kind of solved that little high spot and what it did was it kind of melted the floor of the tent.

I got a little hole in there but um I thought. Okay, you know I need to put something down.

I could put the heater buddy on the floor but you know off the ground.

I don't do that again cuz that was just a stupid move but it was places when I first saw this it was a setup and it's gonna be kind of hard to do one-handed but I'm gonna be like my little unboxing of it you know it was already unboxed because like I said it was a display model phone but um it was set up and i was looking at i was like i was kind of cool sony little table until i realized that was actually a folding little table I thought that was kind of cool.

Um it's got this little packaging here it's a little tiny table um once I get it open like I said it's gonna be kind of hard because I don't I kind of have to have two hands.

I may have to put you guys down for just a second to see just a second.

I can set this up I'll try and do this one-handed but I doubt it's gonna that it's gonna work out but um another thing here real quick is the bag is actually attached to the bottom of the table.

I don't think you can take that off but it's kind of cool cuz then you never really are gonna lose your your your thing here.

Let me try and put this over here now I got two little pins in here I need to I need to get out cuz I got this. Okay, here's a little lil dallas lil metal bell or aluminum dallas here's how much it was since it was a splay model i got it for ten percent off.

Three dollars and fifty cents off.

I was kind of cool and you a if anybody knows me by now I'm a kind of a gadget nerd I I like gadgets I like stuff.

Um basically this folds as you can see here it folds it's got some I guess elastic some kind of a plastic.

Let me see if I can put you guys down for just you know just a second maybe I can Leenie against here I can throw it together real fast and then uh and then show it to you.

Just bear with me yeah it's hard to do this stuff one-handed and don't have a tripod and all that so. All right, just give me a second. All right, let's see. All right, to see if i can get this put together real fast.

I haven't taken the tags off or anything i'm not going to yet.

Basically how it goes right there and then you take these and they have little little things in here and I'll show you what that's all about slide that through well not it really isn't this hard it's just trying to do it. Okay.

That goes through basically got a hole here goes through here lines up. Okay, and then you have these little like I said these little cutouts you leave those out because will yield when you put your legs out like this it'll kind of go into those cutouts which will prevent the pin from falling out.

That's one let me throw the other one in come on not that like I said it's not that hard and shit I tend to make things look harder than they really are. Okay, and you fold this leg out right here slight that right there right there now you can see right here this how it goes together if you're out your legs and on top of that I'll show you I'm gonna do it real quick you have extension.

You fold these out. All right, let me grab you guys real quick. Okay, full doles out and you got cool little little extension legs I'm gonna do some quick measurements here I know my videos I always do this but yeah you see right here how the legs kind of go into that little cut out sorry um.

Real stable I mean it's actually pretty solid I mean just just a cup of coffee but you know nothing nothing big or anything but um like I said. This is going to go my heater buddy is gonna sit right on top of that and then on the floor.

I don't have to worry about melting the floor I just have to keep it on in the you know away from the sides and stuff. Okay, so. This is about how how long it is the surface of the table as you guys can see right there. Okay, how wide it is. Okay, ah. This is how high it is about six inches high now you take out these you fold the legs back over like.

Sorry try to do this one-handed I know it takes a little dealing with my videos. All right, then we got one more over here fold that over. Okay, hassled it's not as high and then you will you got it now you're only about four inches high about four inches.

Very cool packs like I said it packs up into this little bag the bag is not very long at all fits right I mean I don't know if you I'd really use this for backpacking just because I don't know i think backpacking is like you kind of some of the amenities you just kind of do away with just.

Basically the bags about 16 inches.

Very cool i think it's a neat gizmo cuz everybody knows i'm like my gizmos lightweight.

I guess if you really wanted it you could take it back packing but i see right here all you basically do is you can pull that right off you could take it off easy and use that oh you know what I bet they use that for I bet that storage for like I said I haven't really gotten to play with this thing.

When I. This is just my unboxing video.

When I get to play with it more. Okay.

You take that I bet the the metal dowels the aluminum gals probably seen how they're round go right in there.

You there you go.

That's awesome.

I did it wrong I thought it was just a little hook there but you know you put your little aluminum gal right and through there you know how my videos go at 10 minutes it go silent for 10 seconds.

Be back after the 10 10 minute mark 10 seconds not really much also say though but hold on. Okay, I'm back um it's got the little little signature thing out there gsi outdoor I think this thing is totally cool like I said it's gonna the heater buddy's going to sit on it.

I don't have to worry about melting my floor let's see if I can I don't think I'm gonna birth to do this one handed me see if I can do this and fold it back up and get it back in the with little bells and everything I doubt I'm gonna be over to do this but we'll see.

Pull this dowels out dan I really don't think I need that off I probably don't need that off a little tag on the thing right there. Okay, oh.

You I guess let's see the dowel right maybe the dalgaz sorry yeah that's where they go squeaky squeaky I know slide that one right that are there too. Okay, no and that will protect oh. Okay, I see how you do this basically what you would do is you pull these back out this don't need to be in there right like this hate doing this one hand is just such a pain in the butt but um essentially what you would do is you would close the legs first.

Scratching my new gizmo all up um close the legs first then you would slide the metal dowels through there and they would go and they're just like.

Now you don't have to worry about your your metal dells getting bent.

Like I said. This is just an unboxing video um once i have it set up and then out in the field and I've actually tried it oh I'll tell you more about it.

Now we've closed this side over here and then we go I am BAM and go over the top I guess with it right there like just like show I don't know the picture shows it a little bit different when it folds up and that's it folds up just like that into a little cube package I see a little little cube package actually I keep thinking that that should fold over one more maybe because I don't think you would have the legs inside but the way this colds I don't see how you would not have the legs on the inside it's just there's no other way to do it.

Basically it folds up into that tiny little thing right there and you're good to go I don't know where that came from but anyways that's it um cool new gizmo I picked up and I really like it legs facing up. Okay, well I don't know how you would have the legs facing up when you're coordinated that would work that way if it was like that but it ain't like that.

I don't know anyways. All right, guys kundu cool new toy and I got some more stuff to do to look at.

Talk to you guys later.

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