Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker and Review

We have the Hamilton Beach ice cream maker which first of all comes in such a fun color great little pop of color into the kitchen and really easy way to make some ice cream I always ensure that I have the freezer bowl in my freezer at all times because that makes it.

Easy for me to at a drop of a hat make some ice cream and want to have guests over making ice cream takes about 20 to 40 minutes.

I just pollen the ingredients right before we sit down for a dinner and by the time it's time for dessert everything's ready for us.

Today I've actually started making some already basically. This is some left overs of the mixture that I put in it was a bit of half-and-half some whipping cream bit of vanilla and a bit of sugar the best part about an ice cream maker at home is that we actually know what our kids are going to be eating.

Hamilton Beach Ice Cream Maker and Review

I know exactly what's going in there if I want to put in some topping.

Sneak in anything it's a great way because all of that just goes in here and this little baby does all the work for us.

See it's everything's very compact there is some ice cream in here and it smells pretty good I've done it pretty simple just a vanilla one for today and basically all of this when it went in was in a bit of a liquid form and then the churning happens for about 20 to 40 minutes as I mentioned it does that for you and in the end what we have is some homemade ice cream all-natural depending on the ingredients you put in what careful to not do that and one thing I will say is that homemade ice cream actually tastes fantastic and it's quite different from store-bought ice cream anyone can attest it up when you've made stuff at home and I've made lots of different flavors from you know simple chocolate but go all out and have be adventurous put in your nuts put in some fruit sorry in there to make different flavored ice creams as well and very easy to wash everything is just with warm water and we sink nothing goes in the dishwasher because there's only a few pieces and it pretty much goes away in my cover it's very compact again.

There it is the Hampton Beach ice cream maker you.

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