Handlebar Mustache with Dubs Stache Cream

How you doing everybody there good to see ya all you moustachy and friends of mine today we're going to be reviewing dubsmash cream.

It's a great one what reasons aren't like it.

Much is that it doesn't seem to pull as make whiskers out as some of the competition greats like I love Canadian right Nick but it does tend to pull more whiskers when I'm putting it in and as you can see I have used a lot of it I just haven't used a lot of it the last couple months because I've been trying Canadian redneck mod cabin we've got a bunch of samples in to try and I like them all but I find myself grabbing too right now is they got to be glued which if you haven't seen I've got a video on there on how to do it.

It'll help don't work like they got to be glued as you can wash it out every night it doesn't really pool and tell you on the hair.

Handlebar Mustache with Dubs Stache Cream

You don't want to lose them I don't have the most dense mustache as some of you gentlemen out there have but.

Like when I lose a hair it scares me although I've been growing this thing for November about eight months and it's pretty sweet but that's why I tend to stay away from the waxes unless I'm going into competition.

What we do is I wet my whiskers dry it with a hair dryer actually I'm gonna wet it put in a little bit of oil to help get the whiskers where they need to go and then I'll come back with the with the duds and scream and actually form it to where I want to.

Let me wet it you know hair drier I'll mute the sound below you don't care and we'll be using the I can get the focus the mod cabin beard oil it's got a good scent to it honeysuckle.

It's a nice little scent.

What I'll do is I'll put a little my hands actually I'm going on my fingertips.

I'll get a little on my fingertips and there's a run it through yep definitely honeysuckle said it reminds me of reading through a forest as a child. All right, let's go on we want the horse to find that old stack of Playboy's hit by some creepy old dude you know I'm talking about you found them. All right, that took a left turn.

From there who will actually style it a little bit with a little bit of low heat on the hair dryer and curling brush I'm sure you've all seen this war.

I'll fast for turn the volume down.

I'll blow your gums oh and here we go and sound. All right.

I see this a couple of different ways people use this they've either just won a ball and use it like a crayon and just kind of pasted it in I've seen people try the most about with their fingers I tried the mill spy with my fingers and I just put my fingernail.

This should be really interesting but the thing is it's not like your typical wax it's a strange consistency it's like a dry plate let's go with that dry plate no but we'll start the amount of size of a pea and just just work it in just.

It softens up and the good thing about this too is once it does dry if you once you put it on you see specs they thinks clear out.

Just barely touch because we're going to do a couple layers right.

Just want to barely touch and just try to get all the hairs and you'll see certain hairs start clumping together and what we do for that cuz I'll bring the hairdryer out and I'll heat up my mustache coal but yeah it's already this probably a to Bastille it's already starting to curl and actually owner oh look at that get some length on it alright.

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this a little can you see it one hair gone but it happens they're gonna follow it you're gonna fall out you can follow no what's that comb is here also cute alright hair dryer warning. All right, now coke number two thinking about the same size again your mustache will vary just you get the overall gist of what we're trying to do here and I'll show you my secret weapon for mine height.

I don't know why do they just want to jump out like cut some kind of crazy hairs get you boys under control oh that English length hmm.

For a year we've got about that much not that and I'm more about getting one complete rotation with a good three quarters of an inch inch and a half that's a hell the difference yeah.

Just twist it out and what I use to get my actual roundness is an old pill bottle know what I'll just curl that around and the thing about the old pill bottle is you can see through it and then I'll take the hairdryer and I'll use the cool setting the cool blast setting and just try to freeze it in place.

The actual freeze button cold cold air button and you can stay up second to lose some already.

Let's just Pat that into place try it again doesn't roll it out because my handle boys wanna curl really bad there they want a pigtail out.

I don't know how well. This is gonna keep it but we'll give it this chance.

It's a good handle bar let's see ignore see it's starting to try to twist in.

We'll come back that come back throughout the day we're gonna do the other side I'll do it in fast-forward since we've talked through this we've been through this you don't need to listen my mouth. All right, here we go super fast.

This one's not as tight that's the other one a little extra mustache wax and my wife's handing me something in the middle special delivery we got some more races we've got some more pretty sirs.

What I'll do is I'll try to add a little extra wax to the ends I probably could trim these back but problem is I've been growing up for.

Long that if I trim it I'll be sad.

Let's go ahead and give this one more turn and see how it comes out.

Let's open up a little more than I like and that's everything to is you can adjust this throughout the day but man doesn't big and turn them in just a little and you can see probably just trim this hair if it's wanting a curl this one's wanting to curl out like a corkscrew but you know what here's the deal it's somebody walk on the street gonna critique my mustache I hope not but yeah there you go it's gonna drive me crazy but you may not drive no bus go nuts with me and. This is literally gonna drive me crazy.

I'll work out a little we will see what we get with it but that's it and this should hold for about three minutes like this and we'll see how it happens but it should be good and let's let's see the razor's we got just for my mustache right you get a special unveiling. All right.

We got some persona Platinum's just there my third one of my top razors and I haven't tried these I see them I post about the perma sharps.

I'll be reviewing those by sometime in near future.

Get it hit the like button subscribe tell me how ridiculous I look with this one. All right, just tuck this all the way down.

That's why I usually do is I'll bring it down and tuck it into place if it's gonna drive me too crazy the same with this.

As the years go on and one mustache gets fuller and fuller will be alright alright alright till then. Okay, you can't see mm-hmm oh yeah I'm nothing together new nope s : you're not that tall alright stay safe everybody stay sharp and see when do my next video.

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