Handmade Cards Baby Congrats Card Using Lyrical Letters

Today we are going to be making this baby congratulations card in pink and it's made from the lyrical letters cricut cartridge and three pieces of cardstock the colors i used were the white daisy for the carib base the bright pink format and the letters and a pale pink for another mat and then i use the pink flamingo from the close to my heart Calypso packet.

It makes a nice girly girl the baby card and then of course if you change your hues you can make it for a boy or gender neutral.

Let's get started the first thing I did I made a card base from white daisy cardstock at six and a half by 10 and when you score it in the middle it's five.

It's six and a half I five then I cut a bright pink card base Matt. This is cut its six and a quarter by four and three quarters and then I cut another mat in the pale pink and. This is six inches by four and a half inches then I went to the lyrical letters cartridge and I cut this baby shower image the complete instructions are on my website at margarita's madness calm.

You can get the image number but I cut the baby shower and attached to. This is a stork which you'll see in a few minutes but first of all I cut in the right pink I cut the baby shower image after I cut it I didn't want the word shower.

What I did very simply is i just trimmed off the word shower it's.

Easy to do ok.

There i have baby and that left a shower.

I only wanted the baby part then I cut the congratulations from the same lyrical letters cartridge different image this was caught at 4 inches the baby shower was cut at three and a half inches and then from the Calypso paper packet I cut the stork and the stork when you when you set the baby shower image it of three and a half the stork image comes out at one point nine two and I left it at that.

I could you know they would all fit together nicely.

Here I have all my little pieces the next thing I did very simply we're going to already get into the assembly we simply take the mat it might be a little off because I'm stretching the mat then the next match and it goes on here did you can tell I'm a little bit crooked cuz I'm stretching but you get the idea. Okay, then the next thing I do is I took a piece of extra paper and I'm going to glue on the baby shower here's the baby I simply dab a little glue these letters are delicate.

You have to be careful baby he goes there next one is the congratulations and fortunately this Tom Tom bogu i'm using will clear dry and i put that down press it down press it down then i took our happy pink store that's making a delivery of this pretty pink baby and that goes whoops the baby came off.

No problem we put the stork here we put the baby back in the bundle here and then for a little extra pizzazz what I did put some I have some really pretty pink glitter that I think just adds the perfect touch go and voila you have the perfect baby congratulations card in pink made in a matter of minutes and as I say you can pick the different colors for different effects and again. This is made with the close to my heart products including the pink card stock and the Calypso card stock from the Calypso packet with a little pink flamingos that.

I hope you enjoyed this video I hope you have a great day and I hope you come back soon thank you for watching.

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