Hands-On With Dash Budget Appliances

Outfitting a kitchen can be expensive but there's a company called dash that makes small electrics with small prices they also fit into small spaces sure they're not as robust to say a KitchenAid stand mixer but what you're getting for about a tenth of the price is great if you're just starting out this hand mixer is called the smart store and it's called that because the cord winds up and once you eject the actual whisks themselves they store right on the body of the machine.

You can fit it in a cabinet or closet it's a simple tool it comes in a bunch of colors and it's only 15 bucks on sale for under thirty dollars on sale you can get a stand mixer which is better if you're a baker sure it's not the most robust out there it has little suction cups to keep it from moving around since it's.

Lightweight but it has all the features that you might want for your first kitchen the removable bowl moves from side to side the neck tilts back it comes with different attachments including dough hooks and it has six feeds now dash makes a lot of other small appliances as well most of them do a single function they're pretty inexpensive and they're also designed to look good.

Whether you live alone don't have a lot of space or just don't want to spend a lot on say a waffle maker dash might have a product for you.

Hands-On With Dash Budget Appliances

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