Happy Birthday Cupcake Card/Sweet Treat series #1

Hi paper lovers. This is Sarah was live love and scrap blogspot com hope everybody's having a great day I wanted to share with you a card I made today using my all-time favorite cartridge the sweet treat cartridge and I haven't played with it in a while with all the new cartridges that have come out.

I thought I'd Esther off and play around with her I've made a couple cards i was gonna share one with you today and I thought it would be kind of fun I've always wanted to do some kind of series.

I thought it would be fun to do a sweet treat series I know it's one of the older cartridge well it's it's not an old cartridge but it's not one of the brand new ones.

I don't know if anybody would be interested in it.

Happy Birthday Cupcake Card/Sweet Treat series #1

Let me know what you think and if I get enough interest and I'm going to go ahead and do like a little sweet treats series I would like to do post a card or a project of every week and i'm going to say like every week ish because you know life can be.

Maybe every week or.

So let me know what you think if you if you're interested in and i'll go ahead and do that but i'll go ahead and show you the car that i need to do or yeah i'm a today for my friends birthday here it is the background paper is die cuts with a view sorry aside cuts with a new sweet back I love that paper and it goes perfectly for the sweet treats cartridge and I actually used some that Roxy sent me in Noli beans bottle swap.

I kind of designed my card around this paper because I liked how there was a blue pink and green cupcake on there.

That's kind of where I got the idea of the three different cupcakes.

I did the blue pink and green cupcake and then I put them on some scallops circles and the scallops what's the scallops I actually got from winter woodland I think that's a perfect little scallop on there and I used it a lot.

I just did the three scallops in the three different colors and then on the white circle I just I put through my cuttlebug with the Swiss dots cuttlebug embossing folder my fiancé robo and then down here for my sentiment I just did a half scallop and I stamped happy birthday on there I was really I couldn't decide how to do my sentiment for this card and.

I came up with that I'm not super duper excited about it but it looks cute and then I tied a little little naughty little thing here with some white and peak ribbon and I was going to give you the sizes for this card I did it in my gypsy.

It's going to be different sizes and what you would be able to do in the cricket.

For the scallops I cut them at one point six six and then the cupcakes I cut at 1.22 and all their layers.

If you were to make it in the cricket you might be able to do the scallops that maybe one and a half and the cupcake set like maybe one and a quarter or one inch.

Am I work for you.

All I added stickles can you guys see how pretty i love the diamond stickles because it takes on I know it's blurry sorry it takes on the color of what's behind it.

I thought that turned out really pretty.

Let me know if you guys want me to do some kind of like sweet treat series I thought it would be kind of fun thanks for watching everybody and have a blessed day.

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