Haunted Broom Terrorizes Small Alabama Town

Something very strange is going on inside a store in downtown platform I get this we have a broom standing upright and unsupported on its bristles no wires no glue no kidding WSFA 12 News reporter Brian Henry checked it out it's really unexplainable to me what in the world is going on here a lightweight broom standing alone oh no I didn't have the kind of feeling or spooky kind of feeling it was more of just how is it doing that it all started late last week for Christie Burdette when she and her sister were getting their new consignment shop ready to open this three-tier cabinet behind us here was sitting in the middle for she just pulled on it tugged it and pushed it back towards the back and when she turned around she said Christie grab your camera and I said I don't have a camera for what not behind the counter couldn't see the broom that I could see the top of it and she said well look at the broom so I leaned over the counter looked at the broom and sure enough it was standing on its own from here the news about the strange room swept through town generating hundreds of curiosity seekers according to Burdette 25 hours later literally it's still standing and here we are you know and it's one of the things that people ask well you know everybody thought it was glued to the floor who should a little and the broom stays in place knock it down and you can put it right back where it was not just in the center of the store but in two other locations as well there's a little holy spirit in here I think back in the center the room takes a spot just inches away from an electrical plug a connection maybe but Burdette isn't buying it the electrician that we had hired to do all the work had not restored these yet Christopher Dodd says she's not the least bit spooked about this as a matter of fact she's already making plans to make this a selling point for her new business but it's definitely not leaving the shop in the meantime Christie Byrd had us going about her preparations to get her business ready to go satisfied with leaving the mystery behind the standing broom a mystery if our bears know Christie Burdette plans to open next week with the broom the store the show of her consignment shop and what's the deal some kind of magic pill I don't know about a magic pill but definitely when we lifted it up you did feel a sense of a magnetic pull but we've never found it in magnets so it's just a regular one or no broom less than five dollars I can't believe that I think it's something tricky about that tricky things ever got to see it myself that's what they want to do go go
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