Healthy Snacking: Seaweed and Almonds!

Hi my foodies I am back and today i want to share more healthy snacks with you guys because I go to Whole Foods I go to Trader Joe's and I just keep finding a plethora of yummy snack to share with you guys I realized I can't cover it all in one episode so it has to be this like ongoing thing about fine things in the aisles I put them in a bag I spent way too much money at the store and then I have to braid at home and I have to share it with you I love trader joes I love whole foods to trader joe's tends to be a little bit more inexpensive for certain products so if you're kind of on a bit of a tight budget trader joes it's kind of like the go-to place they also have a really great prepackaged sections of salads and sandwiches and some stuff and they have a lot of really great snacks which is why for these two snacks i am going to Twitter just this first products from a gross out some of you but I promise you it is so tasty it's a perfect salty kind of crispy crunchy snack it is roasted seaweed check that out roasted seaweed snack you get this a trader joes it's 99 cents so these are the perks the cost because it's a buck or not ninety-nine cents you save a penny it's 30 calories for half a package but let's be honest I don't like when there are like it looks like it's a single size serving I'm not going to eat half this bag I'm sorry I'm gonna open this up it's gonna be gone like 10 minutes I'm going to eat the whole thing so really it's 60 calories for the whole thing I have to try them right now excuse the noise these are so good you will find yourself munching away at these like in the middle of night you'll start like sleep munching or something you'll wake up and someone will open the door and they'll find you eating this newbie lips so basically they come in this little packaging I'm sorry if I have Steve it over my face it's a new trend okay um look at that there are these little pieces of paper they're like seaweed and they're crunchy they go all over the place mmm they're so good and this is a great thing you have to feel bad about eating these because a whole container there is only 60 calories so if you need a little pick-me-up during the day and you're being calorie conscious these are perfect I have seaweed stuck in my tooth this is a bag of raw almonds this is the cool thing you can see it right there it says just a handful of raw almonds I absolutely love when companies and lines do things like this I think one of the biggest problems we have right now with them with like obesity and people eating too much is portion control because we go to these restaurants and they give you a portion size that really should be fit for like 22 and a half or three people and they're expecting you to kind of eat that all in one sitting I mean not everyone takes food to go so if you are going to some of these restaurants where they're giving you these huge portions of meals some people are eating those all in one sitting and they're like a thousand or 1,500 or 2,000 calories I love the trader joes puts these as just a handful of almonds so you open to the bag up and inside of this big bag is all these little bags there's certain bags it comes with and it's just it really is exactly what it says it's just a handful of almonds which is so perfect because then you know how much eating you're not munching mindlessly and one bag of almonds is 200 calories now again I said nuts are good calories so eat them sparingly it's good to have almonds every day if you're not allergic to them and it's a good calorie and that's good stuff like this morning I was running away to go to work and I didn't have time to make breakfast so right as I was running out the door I grabbed a banana and I grabbed a bag of these and then while I was working with my friend I ate the banana and then I was able to snap on these almonds over the period of like an hour I would eat one every now and then and it's great because if you want to lose weight it's really good to snack throughout the day so these are great if you just kind of want to munch periodically throughout the day wherever you are if you can't eat this side of 13 of them is I think it's 499 at trader joe's nuts are always a little bit more expensive I think the convenience of having is already prepackaged and just telling you how much is the serving i think is really nice so these are my picks for the week the raw almonds in the roasted seaweed snack try them out and leave me a comment below if you do and let me know what you think I hope you love them as much as I do thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you next week help me hey foodies thanks for watching check out my other videos here and if you haven't already click that subscribe button
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