HEI Electronic spark module troubleshooting tutorial

All right basically what I have going is I have my trickle charge hooked up to an auxilary battery source I have a ground wire coming over here to clamp to the side of the distributor housing with a cleaned off coat hanger going into the distributor cap then I have my positive wire going into the battery side there's a battery and a tachometer side of this distributor cap you want to go into that good good battery side that way you get a good solid reading then mine I have it running into my volt ohm meter there.

I can actually test while I have power running through it.

Then to test your coil I also have my ground wire and a test lamp hooked up I'm sorry not the coil but test the ignition module hook that up to the ground and this to the ground when you're getting power inside that light it should light up now that's giving you your switching signal just like it would on something with points basically that's just you know open and close open and close and that's what gives you your your signal there.

We've ruled out the ignition module the ignition module the pickup coil and the primary coil the ignition coil there other than that the other thing you'd want to check is on the front of these sometimes you'll get a carbon buildup.

HEI Electronic spark module troubleshooting tutorial

Make sure the the end of your rotor is clean that way it's making a good contact with the inside of the spark plug distribution center.

The other thing is the one that gave me the problem is you have this on an electronic on an ignition spark or electronic spark module. This is what goes this pigtail coming out of this distributor is what goes into that computer now if you'll look if you can look up anything else online it'll tell you if you take this out and hook it up the way I do that if you spin this you get spark now with this one you don't unless you got this rather than getting a whole new distributor which I ended up doing you'll take this black and the green make yourself a little jumper wire put that in there bridge the black and green now now we get a good spark.

I just wanted to let everybody know make sure you're checking for these things or a simple solution would be just to put a jumper wire in there and see if you're going to get spark. All right, I hope that helps y'all out take it easy.

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