HEIMISH All Clean Balm vs. BANILA CO. Clean It Zero Purity |Comparisons and Review

Hi everyone for this video I'll be doing a quick comparison and review between the clinic zero priority versus the hamish or clean bump.

I'm sure you guys heard of this before.

I'll do this review quickly and tell you guys my opinion first of all you can tell that I got the sample size of the Oakland bomb but the differences is that it's different by 20 mil and different by $2 average.

First I want to talk about the clean is zero I know that the hamish the exercise is a bit similar as well it comes with a seal and it comes with a spatula as well it also claims that is free from mineral oil and it contains ingredients such as camellia rosemary chamomile orange peel and alimentive. However, is achieved free from sin.

HEIMISH All Clean Balm vs. BANILA CO. Clean It Zero Purity |Comparisons and Review

I don't really smell any scent to it like it's not even strong even and this one contains hydrating Loa and argan oil as well now onto the Hamish or cream bomb the reason why I'm not showing you guys the inside just because. This is a sample size and obviously is different from the original size but like I said before the packaging are definitely very similar it has to steal an especial as well but I'm just using the special from the oak from the claimant zero and Hamish or clean bomb it actually contains ingredients such as shea butter donkey milk for moisturizing and brightening and coconut extract to help soften and balance the skin.

As you guys can see the differences are that the ingredients are very different but both help to moisturize and hydrate the skin and of course how to remove the makeup as well.

Both of the products it actually comes in this bomb type.

It's very very solid but depending on where you put it it might not.

Just be careful.

As you guys can see the texture is a bit like sorbet style and.

Basically once you put it onto your face when you wrap it in a chi melt and it turns into like this cleansing oil type of texture onto your face and you're supposed to massage it in or like rinse like parties it cleanses for like two minutes and I don't know why my pinkie is.

We're in this video but yeah.

It took me two minutes to remove my makeup including my eyelashes glue and you can see I was just smelling to see.

Far I don't feel like that it hurts my eyes at all but I do feel like a fuse would be overly around my eye area just because I do feel like one scoop is actually quite a lot.

Maybe just reduce the amount maybe because I was trying to compare and then you just wash off with lukewarm water and. This is the result. All right, I'm really happy but if I have to choose one I would definitely choose the Haymitch one just because it actually removes most of my eyelash actually all my eyelashes blue compared to the clinic zero but overall I do like both of them depending on your skin.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick review please let me know which one you guys like and I'll see you next time bye.

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