Hershey's Lip Gloss Haul! Chocolate Candy Scented Lip Balm! BubbleYum Reeses Kisses! FUN

Hi guys and welcome to bubble pop kids.

Here a bubble pop lipgloss beside shopkins and princess is our number one favorite thing and look at these lip glosses if you're a big fan of Hershey chocolate and Hershey candies you were in love because our show today is devoted to Hershey scented lip balms and lip glosses looking at come to iron hat filled with jumbo chapstick these things are huge bubbly young Hershey's chocolate kisses twizzler and Reese's over here we have these three cute little holiday Hershey kisses and these look like chocolates but they're not they are lip glosses and it comes with a cute little brush we have three different flavors cherry cordial chocolate and then for a bottle of Hershey's syrup is not that your ice cream it is for your lips. This is Hershey syrup lip gloss and if we didn't have enough chocolate lip gloss goodness we have another kiss. This is just a plain milk chocolate flavored and look how cute that is it looks real I don't know about you guys but I'm ready to jump in and open up these Hershey lip balms I'm.

Curious how the colors are gonna look and how the cents are.

Much fun oh my sweet as Christmas is only four days away I cannot wait we will open the Christmas kisses look at these and it's.

Adorable because it even has like the paper detail the little Hershey's paper that hangs out we have yellow silver and green here are our three kisses and even down to the detail of the foil these really look like wrapped up chocolate.

It comes with an applicator brush here and that's open a green one. This is minute truffle I am.

Curious to see how they open and I don't see any open oh here cute look at that you guys it is even a brown like a chocolate flavor I was actually expecting this to be like a clear lip balm I had no idea it would look like chocolate inside that is.

Cool. Okay.

Here it's kind of like a purplish brownish color and I can give it a smell that smells just like chocolate it smells like mint chocolate chip ice cream or something like that soulful it actually looks like you're just reaching in and grabbing the chocolate out of there and it closes up just like that.

Go for this one here and. This is just plain milk chocolate sentence ooh and that has the same color inside sound like a purplish brownish color this month this one smells like hot cocoa it doesn't have a minty smell like this one it's just pretty much like it says the plain chocolate smells.

Good these are perfect little stocking stuffers too and we'll try the third one little kiss with a cute little paper and. This is cherry cordial scented fluid but I love how they're all brown inside because they just look like they're filled with chocolate yeah this smells like chocolate but I definitely smell a little bit of cherry in there too smells super good.

Those are those three little Christmas kisses next up how about me openness mega lip balm set now these are huge I can show you the size of a regular chapstick next to these and they are.

Big they get bubble gum a bubble young Hershey's Hershey's kiss twizzler and Reese's ooh Reese's is my absolute favorite economical. Okay.

Here they are now let me show you the size of a regular lip balm if I have here are our five little candies under lip balms and I love these because are actually not little they are huge look at this one. Okay.

Here is the size of a regular lip balm or chapstick that I have and look at it next to this one this has to be about five of those it is.


You'll have tons of lip balm that will last you a really long time here is a more side-by-side action.

Let me take off the top look how big and round that is and then. This is a regular one at first I think we will start off with the Twizzlers I love Twizzlers especially when I go to the movie theater I love to eat them with some popcorn and they just jumped off the table yeah I bought these.

Much let me smell mmm this you would think just smells like a regular strawberry chapstick but it doesn't it has some kind of a candy Twizzlers Sun to it ah smells.

Good and it just has kind of like a clear pinkish color it smelled it all day.

That is the twin learns the Hershey's the milk chocolate bar these are some of my favorite chocolate bars ever out twist-off it there it is whoo and it's funny because it's brown but it's got that purplish color to it just like those little lip um those little kisses kind of like a purpley chocolate color let's twist it up whoo this actually smells better than those little Hershey kisses this smells like a pure chocolate bar I I don't know how they made it smell like that but it just smells like pure chocolate let's see how it looks oh it is purple kind of looks Brown but the color comes out purple let's try some Billie home I haven't chewed bubblegum in a really long time but I used to love it and I used to like the cotton candy flavor I think. This is just its original bubble oh it's such a pretty color like a light bubblegum pink and the smell see whoo. This is kind of a light smell it doesn't smell too strong but I definitely smell bubblegum in there put some on my lips ooh this thing is huge when you put it on your lips you have to go easy because it will just cover up your whole mouth it's such a big chapstick racis of all of these candies racis is my number one I love anything with peanut butter in it and I also love the cute little peanut butter cups a whole look of you it's orange I thought it would be brown let's snow at the peanut butter mmm it is I don't really smell the chocolate in there this smells like just pure peanut butter smells.

Good and it's like this have kind of a little orangey color to it the moment has come you're on to the fifth and final met a huge chapstick and it is Hershey's kisses let's see how this will smell and it's brown of course a brownish purple Oh smells.

Good this one actually smells like it has coconut in it I don't know how I felt I'm coconut it doesn't smell just like plain chocolate really good.

After testing out all of these and smelling them I would have to say that the cutest package would be the Bubble Yum because it's pink and I love how all the little sprinkles and bubbles on there I like the pink color but the one that smells the best definitely is the Ray seeds it smells just like peanut butter and peanut butter is my number one step.

That's it you guys can tell me which one I know you can smell them but you can tell me which package you felt was the cutest or which one of these is your favorite candy chocolate syrup um this has to be one of the funniest and most realistic little bottles I've ever seen I mean it's miniature it can't be real but it looks just like a bottle of syrup oh how cute that is that's Hershey's syrup lip balm.

Slip a little ice cream on there the top just spins all ooh look at that here it is it's the art it's hard it's the purplish brownish color now this color looks kind of weird it's kind of dark but if you blended that into your lips and you just put a teeny little bit I am sure that it would just give you this glassy color and it has a little sparkle in there as well let me smell Oh smells.

Good it just smells just like the Hershey chocolate bar lip balm and the kisses won it all has that chocolaty smell.

Good but more than the smell I am loving this little container move it on to our last and final another Hershey's kiss this one is at the Christmas time it's just a plain old milk chocolate and I am.

Happy to get another one of these little kisses it's going to look.

Cute it opens right up from the bottom like the other ones woohoo actually this one doesn't have that like purpley color to it kind of like a brown this looks like a chocolate in there I don't know and it comes with a lip gloss brush as well let's take him and see wow it's really hard inside it just looks like I'm poking at a real kiss I don't know this smells.

Good this actually is just like a brown color it doesn't have any purple in it it reminds me the most of real chocolate and when I smell it. This is kind of weird this reminds me like it's just kiss in there just smells.

Real. This is my favorite.

Far just because it smells like the real deal there she's vision there you have it all of the Hershey's lip balm. This is probably like the whole collection I'm sure they have other ones like Junior Mints I even saw milked a couple other ones I'm gonna get those for the show but these are most of them and I love the cute little kisses they were.

Realistic looking I love the huge chopsticks and look at this Hershey syrup we are going to have.

Many more of these coming up on the show we're gonna have Disney Princess shopkins Monster High makeup you name it we are bubble pop kids and you can put this big red subscribe button here and subscribe to our Channel have a great day bye.

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