Hillary's Norwex Basics- Clean with just water!

[Music] hey my name is Hillary and I love cleaning with all these chemicals okay I'm off to clean my my whole house with all these chemicals and all these oh I forgot my paper towels ah I forgot my scrub brush okay I got my brush wrong that's just crazy this is why you need Norwich's so this is the household package it comes with the enviro cloth the window cloth and the dust with these three cloths you can clean 90% of your home with just water you can't get any more green than that clean with Norwich's you can cut your cleaning time in half that means you can nap just kidding moms don't nap you're also going to save so much money our class lasts you for several years you're also going to save your health because you don't need to use all these toxic cleaners anymore and you're gonna save the environment so this is our main cleaning cloth we call it our enviro cloth and with our microfiber the proper use and care you can remove up to 99% of bacteria with just water so when you wipe your surface it picks up everything leaving nothing behind to disinfect our fibers our 1/200 the size of a human hair did you hear me you guys super super fine fibers normal microfiber cloths at the store their fibers are 1/6 the size of a human hair that's not very fine so imagine I had a splinter and I tried to use these big cooking tongs to pick out the splinter these are too big the Splinter is too fine if I got these fine tweezers I can easily go and pick up the fine Splinter her fibers are finer than what they're picking up that's why our fibers work so well contaminants are lifted from the surface and locked into the core of the cloth thanks to our unique special weave if you hate stinky cloths well then you're gonna love this aspect this cloth is dealt purifying so inside of the cloth are silver fibers and the silver is helping to purify your cloths silver silver is what we call an antimicrobial and anti wet an antimicrobial that means it suffocates mold mildew and bacteria it also means less laundry this odor inhibiting agent is what Norwich's calls back lock now check out all that you can clean with just your umbrella and water carpet stains dusting doorknobs countertops toys tubs and showers cabinets walls light switches refrigerators I'm super dirty doors at the post office are you guys in love yet I know I am so let's talk about our window cloth I'm gonna rub some butter on my glass door now instead of spraying that nasty blue cleaner and using a million paper towels clean first with a dampened fire cloth polish with a dry window cloth that's buttering guys that is community so now your kids can clean their own bathroom to fight it with that they have a better plan and dry and polish with your polishing window class look at this the water disappears and no streaks down this is the dustman rub it together to get the static charge going if the surface is really dirty you can spritz it lightly with a spray ball of water you can also get it damp and scrub your screens clean so before you say well I'm not into all that green hippie stuff stop I promise you these cloths and water will look better than all of these chemicals were using so that's just a few of some of our awesome microfiber Norwich's products we also have some specialty cleaners that are free of harsh chemicals that are gonna help you seriously clean your home if you have any questions please let me know I absolutely love talking and sharing Norwex so if you love it host a party if you're obsessed join my team [Music] mop to clean my whole house with these three cloths and water [Music]
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