Hindsightâ„¢ Portable Rear View Camera

They say that hindsight is 20/20 and that's certainly true of the new hindsight wireless vehicle backup camera this camera system is the most advanced and versatile of its kind in the world the hind sight system uses your smartphone or tablet to bring the safety ease and security of a backup camera to your vehicle potential uses are only limited by your imagination it even works as a household security camera if you've ever wanted a first class backup camera in your life there's nothing better in the world right now than the hind sight two seconds to mount it a few more seconds to fire up the app and you've got a clearer high-definition view behind you it's that simple I decided to create a high quality rear-view camera system that was.

Easy to install and use that even a child could do it designed and built in North America the hind sight requires no drilled holes our wiring it's tough completely waterproof and dustproof an internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides 4 hours of continuous video streaming enough for months of driving and the hind sight comes with a secure quick-release base one for steel surfaces and another for every other smooth surface place the base where you want it press down to seal the super sticky polymer membrane then move the slide to activate the 8 high-strength neodymium magnets clip the camera body into the base lock it in place and you're done the hindsight is as solid as if it was bolted down yet easily removable without leaving marks or residue behind if the ceiling adhesive ever gets dirty just wash it with soap and water and it grabs perfectly again once you're up front control the hindsight and see what it sees with any smart device on your dash using the free app with a wireless range up to 100 feet the 1080p high-definition camera can be switched on and off zoomed and tilted all with the touch and swipe of your finger only your smart device displays what your camera sees because the hindsight uses its own secure encryption network and like any good backup camera the view you get on the screen includes a visual ladder to help you reverse with confidence adjust the ladder to any configuration you want.

It's ideal for your vehicle there's also a fully adjustable on-screen centerline tool that makes it easy to hit your vehicle up to a trailer on the first try without help the hind sight is even smart enough to alert you to danger when you're not paying attention the built in ultrasonic warning sensor tells you if there's anything close behind the vehicle more and more cars and light trucks are coming from the factory with backup cameras these days but nothing else in the world is as versatile as the hind sight since it's completely portable use it in multiple situations got a recreational vehicle the hind sight delivers a clearer view behind the largest RVs way beyond what mirrors can deliver it also works with the largest highway trucks allowing drivers a dashboard view of exactly what's behind the trailer at all times no wiring needed and the quick release mounting feature means the hindsight can be transferred to different trailers easily in seconds this system is even tough enough for farm use allowing safer simpler operation of large equipment both on the road and off it's not just for backing up on the farm either it gives a clearer view all around the largest equipment during use no matter how or where it's being driven your distance to the hitch to be honest is quite often just a guess you know.

You can get within inches or feet sometimes you wear a lot of suit leather back and forth ready who actually wears this camera you know you could be able to see that you're within inches the hind sight is now ready for full production our plan now needs the necessary capital to move forward we know that the hind sight system is a winner the best engineering in the world makes complicated things simple and that's what the hind sight is all about clear safe reliable and convenient it's.

Hindsightâ„¢ Portable Rear View Camera

Easy even a child to use it.

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