HobbyFood: FROZEN Peanut Butter Ice Cream! Chocolate Syrup + Reese's Olaf Elsa by HobbyKidsTV

I'm good JB hi hobby NEMA here and we're gonna make ice cream oh yeah let's get churning I have my ice cream maker here to Cuisinart frozen yogurt ice cream and sorbet maker I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream yay let's get churnin we have Anna and Kristoff and Queen Elsa making her ice boulders oh and Olaf Oh mommy mommy cat you you're.

Cold they're all patiently waiting for their ice cream we have everything here to start you have our hand mixer a big bowl sugar we have Skippy peanut butter heavy whipping cream pure vanilla whole milk measuring cup and spoon and Princess Anna Queen Elsa and Olaf you're sitting at a dessert dish two distinct blue Reese's peanut butter ice cream sweet salty yummy let's get turnin peanut butter cup ice cream stay tuned. Okay, we have our to two-thirds cup sugar it's no it's snowing kind of look like snow but it's sugar we well I can turn that into no no our peanut butter you're going to need a cup of this and my calculation is half this content which is a 60 now you could use smooth peanut butter I use chunky this time we're just going to blend this until. This is nice and smooth that's the milk we need two cups of cream I think I should try this creamy peanut butter now that we have our mixture all mix we're going to cover it up for about two hours in the refrigerator and then we're going to pour it in our Turner and make our ice cream you excited ha be good yeah we're gonna make ice cream yep we're gonna open it right now. All right, I'll be good ready yes oh we have to count out 15 and you count 15 of those for me yeah put them in the bowl we go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 buy more 1500 and one for you one for you and you don't unwrap them to unwrap them all like this Wow and the days I can't believe us you're uh I scream our ice cream is churning and we're going to cut these up these are miniature peanut butter chocolate cut look at that hobbykid that looks like good ice cream I want to see it look inside look good my Reese's peanut butter cup ice cream it's a churnin ready for some ice cream I play hobbykid you wanna take this. Okay, me good yummy for money to me hey you got my hobby kids here and we're gonna get some ice cream ready guys yeah hey we have our ice cream cones they're chocolate dick and we're about ready to open up our ice cream that we made. Okay, how did wrinkles Oh welcome mission there you go Bob again and Elsa gets frozen ice cream Oh yummy hobby Mima anna has her ice cream Hemme and hola oh boy oh boy oh boy from Jenny's cream cheese beef and there's our ice cream start over hobbykid you wanna do this happy what kind of ice cream do you like leave your comments below please like and give us a big thumbs up and click on the next video for more fun action videos hey don't forget to check out ha me Mimas playlists fast toy videos.

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