Homedics Foot Salon Pro

Hey there guys is Doc Willard and I am going to start a bunch of different foot spa reviews that's only because I've had some smelly feet issues and.

I thought maybe attending to my feet a little better would maybe help and avoid medications I don't really want to go that route.

I've started on my journey of testing various foot spas.

I went out and picked this one up today because it said heat boost on it and I thought that would be really cool. This is the HoMedics both the foot salon probe with heat boost it comes here. This is the actual foot spa and it comes with this pumice here attached and then you get three additional setting ones with a rollerball brush and then I think that's a second pumice yeah second pumice stone and I have to say that they're boasting that their number one brand of massage which that may be the case. However, you know the bubbles are nice and the attachment heads are nice but these bad boys right here are not.

Homedics Foot Salon Pro

Nice and those are the rollers which are removable two different sizes but they're really not comfortable and you either have to roll your foot back.

That it's your foot doesn't have a lot of pressure on it roll it forward and for me wearing a size 11 once I roll it forward my toes are hitting all with the front I think I would prefer to have rollers something maybe like in the middle here right about here.

It's hitting the arch of your foot you could roll back and put your ball of your foot on it but that's not the case and you'll see of the in the demo videos you'll see on here it has the bubbles the heat and the vibration but in order to get the heat to work you have to have one of these on.

You can't just sit in a warm tub of water with your feet in it you have to have either the bubbles or the vibration on.

That's something that you know they don't really advertise on their box and inside here is a little convenient little compartment that the attachments they fit into little slots.

Yeah I just tried this I was in for probably about 25 minutes and I started with hot bathwater hot tap water out of the bathtub.

I mean it was pretty I mean I really couldn't put my foot in right away.

It's pretty warm and you know immediately I turned the bubbles and heat on obviously I couldn't tell what heat was what but I can't tell you about 15 minutes into it I noticed that my water was room-temperature it was cool and I decided to really try to focus in on the heat and what I've noticed with their heat what happens is it comes in waves it will it's almost like the water has to get cold and then the heat pumps on and then you get this like rush of like warm air and our warm water excuse me and that's it.

It's kind of like a rolling warm water doesn't stay warm it doesn't hold a constant temperature it just basically shoots out some warm warm water and then it lets it cool off and then it shoots out some more.

It's kind of it's not like a steady heat it's kind of like just as soon as your time you're thinking oh my gosh. This is getting too cold it actually shoots out a little bit more warm water.

Overall I think it was really relaxing I would the biggest downfall or these rollers here and the fact that the the water is it's not a constant heat which I kind of don't like but the videos the the demo video you be able to see the sound that it makes it's not I was expecting it to sound like them I don't know what a blow dryer or something based on some of the reviews I didn't find it to be too too loud obviously it's going to make some noise it's blowing out bubbles and vibrating.

The vibration is notice the big thing with but yeah my feet feel pretty good right now I was in for like 20 25 minutes and I'm on the other thing there's two videos two parts of the video you'll notice where I'm showing you the sides of my ankles and that is because you can see here it's not well rounded and there's just this little lip here that really it unless you're sitting there with your legs straight together and you know kind of in a formal way of sitting yeah this really just chopped them to the side of your ankle I went and that's really not too comfortable.

I saw a couple of people mentioned that on their reviews and I didn't quite get what they were talking about but that's it right here it just kind of digs right into your ankle and it's not really comfortable but alright.

From here um the rest of video will have no voice I'm not going to do a voiceover on it but you can see the actual demo videos one more thing I wanted to mention is that I didn't really think about it because I had never really used foot baths before so. This is my first one I've ever bought but I did want to mention I'd be haven't thought about it it does come with suction cups on the bottom.

You know it's not like sliding all over the room bounce around I had it on a carpet and it obviously wasn't moving and I noticed some people were talking about the splashing I wasn't doing too much rolling on these with my feet because it's really not that comfortable but I didn't have too much I had no towel under it and I didn't have too much black switch either.

Water stays in pretty good and overall I would say it's a pretty good machine I'd be happy with it aside from the heat aspect and then these rollers are just completely uncomfortable.

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