Homedics Foot Salon Pro with Heat Boost Power on QVC

Brings me things that like massage me and make me feel good. This is from HoMedics it's a foot spa with heat it is brand-new today but you haven't seen it yet right brand-new in this show I love brand new. This is the only one out there that maintains the heat you know how you pour hot water into something to give yourself a foot bath this maintains the heat it has massage it has bubbles it has these things that you roll your feet back and forth on I didn't even realize that until just now. This is brand-new today it is a holiday surprise and that sale price that you see right there will go away at the end of the day.

That price of 4548 what a great price for this gift will go away at the end of the day you also get it on three easy payments of $15 16 cents oh yeah shoes came off my home socks came up too because this. This is where it's at I love it I wouldn't even have thought I mean if I didn't like made a list of gifts to give somebody I wouldn't think foot bath but now I think for everybody foot baths well and. This is not the foot bath from four years ago okay. This is by HoMedics they're the leader in health and wellness we're also the leader in massage technology and. This is the ultimate because you are getting an incredible foot bath but it heats up the water to 98 degrees but it will maintain that water temperature until you turn it off not to mention everything else here.

I just want to go through all the bells and whistles because of hello you just do that I'll just be here doing it. Okay.

If we come over to mine because those are my toes as a whole pedicure center and it comes with four different attachments. Okay.

Homedics Foot Salon Pro with Heat Boost Power on QVC

Are we coming down here perfect. Okay.

Bright here. This is massage nose here.

You can actually rub your foot right over it oh the massage fully customized it where you want I have the pumice stone in mind yeah you have the pumice stone.

It comes to the first pumice which is right here a gentle pumice stone and it also has a nail brush.

You can also house other things in here if you want to its room but this also has vibration and it's a soothing vibrating massage which is wonderful and calming and you also have the bubbles.

This really has it all but because it maintains that water temperature you are gonna feel.

Relaxing just imagine putting your feet in this and just relaxing while you're watching TV reading a book after a long day spent it is fantastic oh there are there are times when I get.

Cold like cold to the bone where I have like getting a shower in order to cool it to warm up this would be a great thing to have just in your in your living room or whatever the TV is just after a long day at work and I know we're in gift-giving mode.

While I really think you should get this for yourself because you're gonna be.

Happy that you did let's talk about gift-giving who's that person who works hard who's that new mom who's always on her feet who's that person who was always in the office or you know is a server maybe and is always on their feet. This is 45 dollars and 48 cents what a great price point for a gift it could even be a family gift everybody in the family can use this you can find footbaths out there but they're not going to maintain their heat like this well here's the other thing and not by HoMedics HoMedics is such a leader in the industry they do those massagers that we have that i buy every single year because they're just the ultimate in relaxation and I really think we all deserve to take a deep breath and relax we're going.

Fast life is moving.

Quickly. This is your sit down with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and do this and yeah and we didn't even talk about they have pressure nodes in here or pressure nodes if we come up to the top here that are removable.

This really can get into the arches we can come up to the what you get. Okay, well if you look here. All right, here I don't know where we are but these actually come out.

You can roll with the arches or on the heels of your foot it's just.

Soothing and relaxing but if you don't want them they actually are removable as well and the floor of the the foot back there are nodes here that are raised.

You can rub your feet against it and it just feels wonderful look at the box great it's just a kind of a great presentation if you're giving this as a gift it's brand new today you haven't seen it before it's a holiday surprise as a sale price that sale price will go away at the end of the day.

At the end of the show midnight your time this will go away it's three easy payments of $15 and sixteen cents and that easy pay is available to each and every one of you even if you've never shopped with us before here at QVC it's still you're still able to get that easy pay just use your major credit card go to QVC com we've made it super simple you can even check out as a guest and you don't add one penny to easy page to use easy pay something nice that we do HoMedics is somebody our name brand that you see everywhere but you don't find this one everywhere this one is the only one you're gonna find him here at QVC that maintains that heat which is like like not believable. Okay, because I'm always cold.

Anything we're always cool I am all for it.

You know how you go when you get a pedicure and you hope that they put in hot water I always have to ask for good water yeah exactly I always say and make it really hot because I wanted to stay hot throughout my entire pedicure this you don't have to worry about it now my little tip is I would actually put warm water in instead of freezing cold water but it doesn't matter it's going to raise that temperature to 98 degrees and it will maintain for the entire time until you turn it off and then bubbles are fantastic the bubbles are wonderful it is such a treat for your feet such a great gift for someone because I know that gift certificates we always say are pretty popular around the holidays but. This is something they're going to be able to use every single day and I just love how you can take off your heels take off your shoes after a long day and put your feet in after cooking or whatever it may be if you have someone in your life that's always on their feet that works outside shoveling snow. This is amazing put me to sleep yeah I know I'm very symbolic and very you know through history about foot baths.

If you're out giving this to somebody it's kind of a way of serving somebody of showing your love for somebody I mean Jesus washed the disciples feet and he said you know that's how we should show our love if something as not intimate but as takes you down to such a lower level to be able to wash somebody's feet if you're giving this to a loved one it really is a way of saying you know listen I love you I care for you I want you to feel that comfortable that that relaxation by picking this up if you have a mom if you have a grandma if you have somebody in assisted living if you have sudden. This is such a there's gonna be a really meaningful gift you get it on three easy payments of $15 and 16 cents the sale price which will go away at the end of the day and it's by HoMedics it's be three for three for one oh it's.

Good do not hey on the way in about five minutes we are going to take a look at this pool it's a set of two of the 48 and Woonsocket.

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