Homedics Foot Salon Pro with Heat Boost Power on QVC

To pamper on me it's not too late weekend it's not too late there are eight days until Christmas but you know what it is really not too late and if I have enough time I'm taking my shoes and socks off and I'm gonna get comfy you know I feel like the putting your foot into a little spa bath is one of the best parts of a pedicure you get to relax you get to kind of change it up a little bit. This is how you do that at home and you don't have to pay the pedicure prices it's v3 for three for one it's a foot salon Pro with heat boost power and oh my gosh I can't believe you just come back to me for a second I didn't have to say something that's hilarious four easy payments of $12.50 um Wow we're on video right now because um I can't believe that I'm working it's a time job working right now. This is Brooke Mills and she's bringing us holy guacamole it is a little bit of heaven yeah it is super decadent and.

Brooke brings us great items that are really useful ah about pampering about relaxing in this hurry girly like hustle and bustle kind of time where we're all maybe going out to the mall or doing something different. This is going to allow you to have that moment of ah last day at this price on a foot salon Pro which we're looking at it right now will you walk us through everything we get and then let's just talk about how this will change your life totally and it's by HoMedics though the leader in health and wellness the leader in massage technology and when I first saw this I had a bit upset. Okay, looks great I'm in love with this thing right now because first of all it's freezing on the East Coast right and. This is fully fully featured.

The big story about this that it's going to heat up the water to 98 degrees but it's going to maintain that water temperature for as long as you use it but it also has vibration really soothing vibration is that OneTouch toe touch control actually if it's down there and then you have the heat button and that's when you turn on that heat and here are bubbles.

It's giving you that option too but if you come up here there's a whole pedicure set here.

Homedics Foot Salon Pro with Heat Boost Power on QVC

You really have it all these are the massage nodes now all these attachments they just pop on right here yeah you rub your feet against it which you'll see these are massage.

It's wonderful to break in the arches and the heels. This is that gentle pumice stone for those the dry cracked skin yeah coarse pumice stone and then of course you have your nail brush you can even store other tools in here if you would like to you know what really has everything.

As you're looking at this I want you to think about your mom who might be standing on her feet a lot I mean like I mean initially I thought my mom because I would love to kind of pamper her that way and I was saying to Brooke that my mom comes to visit me and I'll give her like a manicure and pedicure and I just love it I love that closeness with my mom she's about to be 81 I just love being close to her like that and you know for myself when I get home and we're standing for hours and hours here at QVC we run from one set to the another warm water is like the best ahh and let me tell you there aren't a few a lot of these to go around like we don't have that many and it was the last day at under $50 $12.50 to get it home a try it or to send it to someone but what do you suggest like a minute the minute I get at home what do i do how do I use this alright well it's.

Simple to you.

All you do is fill water and there's a fill line in here now little tip I recommend putting in warm water instead of freezing cold water. Okay, it will take about 10 to 15 minutes to heat up but it will get up to 98 degrees again it will stay warm it will maintain that same water temperature right for as long as you use it.

When you get a pedicure a lot of times for me I always say put in really how about why I wanted to liver does it gets cold within five to ten minutes yeah I'm telling you there is nothing like this it's funny that you mentioned your mother because I gave this to my mother she's like footbath am I going to use it she used it she uses it all the time especially now that it's cold out is we have thousands of nerve endings in our feet and I didn't even show you here inside we can there are four their little rolling stir nodes that are removable so. This is amazing in your arches and your heels and the floor nodes right here are raised.

You can rub your feet against it and it's like all that sensation it's like such a party and a treat for your feet you know what I have an essay for mom but you know what if you are somebody you or your husband you work outside I Drive by in this cold right I drive by surveyors or folks who haven't be doing construction you know if you're a waitress if you're a librarian if you are a teacher if you are a nurse if you're on your feet or even sitting all day conversely sitting all day. This is like the perfect ahh and I agree with you II Brooke and the same we like warm warming up your feet kind of warms up your whole body it radiates upward it's four easy payments of $12.50. This is the last day that we have it at under 50 bucks the price is going away the price is going up tomorrow that's that's your heads up and as I mentioned we don't have that many but. This is a perfect bill to ship to.

Let's put it on your credit card ship it to somebody have them you know go ahh the minute they get this home now I have an odd question can I put our bubble bath in here um you don't need bubble is already in there.

I can press that bubble the the if you push your button on the right I don't know if you have yours on you get these wonderful effervescent bubbles yeah that's just fill it and that's even more sensation for you. Okay, but if you aren't giving it as a gift I love first of all comes in this amazing box nice talk about the box but yeah it's impressive mm-hmm it's HoMedics people recognize the name they know it's a company that they can trust and the fact that we do have thousands of nerve endings in our feet and I'm always freezing the fact that I'm actually sitting here and I'm always freezing it's a testament to how warm and fabulous. This is incredible. Okay, I'm totally treating myself and I said I started this presentation by saying I can't believe I'm working I think it is right now right now I'm actually getting massaged yeah you might be up maybe you're coming back from work maybe you happen to be in bed but look at how great. This is can you just imagine and maybe you're somebody who's always wanted like that jacuzzi bathtub in your home but you don't have it you don't have construction money to make that happen or whatever and part of that whole experience is the bubbles with your feet well you have this now for your feet and you aren't paying construction you're not taking apart your bathroom you're not having to need size to have a Jacuzzi deal in your bathroom you just get everything that you love about a pedicure without having to pay pedicure prices and in fact. This is probably about the price of. This is probably about how much I pay for one pedicure oh and it want to treat yourself and I'm going to get it and I own it now right and. This is a great because of all the pedicure tools you can you know use whichever one you want really maintain that pedicure throughout get rid of that dry skin and it's just it's such a treat and you don't even have to worry about when you're finished there's an easy pour spout.

You don't have to turn the whole unit over you just kind of lean it into though you just lean it in yeah rabbit lean X.

I just want to share with you empty it's probably only a couple pounds when it's full its thirteen pounds as you're bringing it over but easy to just pour it lean forward and pour out the water brings it just leave it down there and just get a pitcher and just fill it up that way that lets easy - $12.50 which to me I always do things based in movies it wouldn't even buy me one adult movie ticket oh that's an I get this home totally use the same time watch a movie watch a movie on DVR exactly watch my Game of Thrones which isn't back yet or Westworld which I'm loving Oh top shout-out that for sure I'm in which go to Kabul 8v three four three four one is your item number on the price that's going up at the end of the day for our foot salon Pro and Brooke is.

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