Homedics Foot Salon Pro with Heat Boost Power Unboxing

Hi guys today I have the HoMedics lip salon Pro with heat boost power and I thought I would open it up for you guys and show you how it works. Okay, guys I got him out of a box I came with this package let's go ahead and open it up like it has some instructions and different attachments I think that go on the center thing there's a pumice stone on that one and this one looks like a little brush and there are two more. This is like a finer pumice stone than the one on comes of course pumice Oh pumice stone and this one is really fine and soft one more attachment it has these little balls that roll switchin it is a massaging stone or massaging setting.

That's really cool there are different buttons and there are some little massagers inside this unit comes with a plug.

It does plug in is a storage compartment up here in the front and then press to open it and I can probably put these different attachments here like this I'll be able to keep ease and I won't lose them easily which is really nice because otherwise I would probably lose them.

This right up here is storage as you can see there's kind of a little spout and. This is.

Homedics Foot Salon Pro with Heat Boost Power Unboxing

That when you pour the water out it's like a spout.

It makes it easy to pour the water out when you're done and these little nodes in the bottom they're called pressure nodes are actually removable and. This is what they look like and they're really easy to put back in they just fit right in the slot there and there's little nodes in the bottom I don't know how well you can see but there's little nubbies that stick up.

That's pretty cool you can take this little cover off of this pedicure same here. This is the coarse pumice stone and as you can see it fits right on like super easily right on here.

That's pretty cool there are different settings on the buttons this one is vibration this one is to turn on the heat boost and this one turns on the bubbles.

Let's go ahead and try it out. Okay, guys.

I plug it in and I just wanted to show you this button. This is the vibrate you can see the water kind of you can tell it's vibrating here is the heat which you can't really see anything but alight and here are the bubbles it looks really good I'm gonna let you guys go.

I can try it out thanks for watching bye.

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