Homelite xl12 ignition module install

Okay. This is a let me follow up to go back later in my channel you'll see I was working on a home light XL 12 bought it for my back in the summer of 2015 bought it for five bucks all the way complete another thing that was missing was the clutch cover and kill switch everything else was there this thing was filthy if you all remember from the first video all of this and the starter housing there was about probably a quarter inch up chips they're just completely filled up I went and cleaned all this. This is a home light XL automatic he can see in there there's a serial number two oh seven eight three three four that's all the stuff on it clean this all up and hadn't messed it up in a box and put it away finally been reading up on them and I noticed when I tested this it had a really week's market had spark but it was really weak and these older home lights the XL 12 XL automatic the red ones the blue ones you know they referred to as the old red her old blue and big red you know all of these they all had points and condensers in them or not points yeah points and condensers in them and those would go bad over time and you have to repair um well the newest ones right when home I quit making these the newest ones did have electronic ignition the old all the old ones and they made thousands of these of the excelled what was called two XL twelve they made thousands of them and there you can pick them up and I mean like I said I picked this up for five bucks even if I spend another 50 and I have a $80 power saw here I mean the cylinder and piston and those things I mean still got machining marks a lot of them you can pick them up for nothing and they you know have really low hours in them easy to work on basic you can still get parts for Mike and not cheap after-market you can get not OAM but really good quality cylinders and pistons for them there's a lot of them out there really good power saw good firewood saw farm saw whatever but.

This one had points to condensers I don't know when this was made I don't know what what year would have been this one had points to condensers I had spark really weak.

What I learned from is from the chainsaw guy go check out his channel oh that's what I 5a saw question that I don't know the first person I go to is him go on his YouTube channel if he doesn't have it on there I usually call him order stuff from him too he worked on a lot of these XL twelves and he'd have the points to condensers and they'd have no spark.

He would put the module you can see I got the module on here I didn't order this from him I was going to I don't remember why I didn't I got this off eBay from a person it was the exact same price from on eBay that it was from the socking it's a little bit different module from what he had but it does the same thing and what this module does is it bypasses the points and a condenser all together that completely eliminates it it makes it a electronic ignition coil.

Homelite xl12 ignition module install

Like all your new saws like you know I'll name often I 372 if you look at the coral on it your electronic ignition is going to be built into it versus on these old saws when you convert them from points to electronic ignition you're just going to have the electronic ignition part outside no big deal they you got all kinds of room and your cover back here to have them go in there.

All I had to do on this was will - flywheel off here playing it off. Okay, there's a flywheel.

Here's our points points are underneath this cover right here and what you're gonna have is on this one there was this black wire right here was running originally over to where this red wire is you can see this red wire that's the condenser right there black wire ran underneath the coil hooked into the coil but it was running over here there's a little nut right here that held both of these on there took that nut off pull the black wire off put the red one back on tighten that up don't mess with this anymore make sure your bolts you have to leave the points on here because it's coil setup doesn't hurt anything make sure your bolts are tight next off take the black wire cut it right at the end cut the end off here's the where's the original end and here's the original end from it right there just cut it right off take you in the kit it will come with the module wire here this wire that's on the module - this plug or twist cap had this on the end of it it's just a little plug in one cut it off it does come also with a just a plain old set of wire.

You can if you wanted to you could cut this plug off and wire into your lengths or whatever cut that off strip both wires off screw that on there. This is going to get soldered later on and what that does is it bypasses your points so. This is a electronic ignition.

Let me get my flywheel back on here find my key pull your plug out your spark plug hook it back into your coil and what this will do is it'll make your saw it will up your RPMs a lot and it makes it have you have way hotter spark than what the old points it makes it have way hotter spark they'll run better not to such bouncing line up Mikey they will run like I said much much better than what they were with the old points on them come on boyo there we go. Okay.

Our flower goes on I just sit on there no nut on there and if I go came off sit here. Okay, here we go.

There's our flywheel take our plug wire set it up take our drill put it on the club side there's a nut on there spin it over you can see probably won't be able to see I'll take a video once I get it all spliced then put the nut back on but what this does it makes it have way hotter spark and we'll call this part one of it and enough part one but doing it then we'll come back lift once we get it all soldered and put together I'll come back and let you see what the finished result is on the spark plug here.

Stay tuned.

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