Homemade Cloth Wipes Solution-for cloth diapering

Along with cloth diapering we had chosen to use cloth wipes.

Today I'm going to show you how I make my homemade white solution first off the products that i use and i use the prince lionheart warm use wife former and it is meant for cloth wipes and I my purchase it off of amazon i use the grovia cloth wipes and these are also purchased on amazon and they come in a 12 pack and i recommend getting between three and four packs I use water and I use essential oil i use lavender essential oil and malukas and chill wale and both of these are available on amazon as well and they are the doterra brand um.

First off this comes with a pillow on the bottom to catch like the mildew and extra moisture but um I have not replaced my pillow.

I just use a prince lionheart wipe that came with the wife former and I just fold it in half I dampen it full it in half and stick it on the bottom and then I take my folded of cloth wipes and stick them in the solution and I've already poured my oils in here I do two drops of each.

Homemade Cloth Wipes Solution-for cloth diapering

I wring it out and I put the folded edge along the back of the leg warmer and the next time I will put my folded edge along the front and I go back and forth until. This is full and about 15 wipes fit in here and that'll usually lasts a day or two depending on how often we go out I may go out I just use dry wipes and then a squirt bottle for water um and we love this solution and it smells.

Good and she having that any rashes since we started using it on.

I definitely recommend trying this and you'll love it thank.

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