Homemade Sprouted Raw Almond Butter - Organic Recipes (Oil free & oil added)

Hello and welcome to fit for two TV the instruments only show dedicated to health my name is Marta and today I'm going to show you how to make raw almond butter so what I have done is I have rinsed these raw organic almonds and I'm going to add about a teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt and then soak them for eight hours in filtered water this is about a two-day process but well worth it so here are my two big bowls of almonds and these are going to soak overnight for eight hours benefit of the salt and the water is to help germinate the seed and they both work together to deactivate the enzyme inhibitors that are found in almond good morning so it's been just over eight hours and our almonds are sprouted you can see the tips of some of those almonds they're gonna sprout little white tails that's how you know there's brother now that they were sprouted all the enzymes and nutrients and minerals and phytonutrients are available to us and to our bodies and when nuts and seeds are sprouted they are better toasted or between your body and also easily a digestive as opposed to them being in the raw state because of them a different here's just a quick look at what a raw almond looks like you can still see it's nice and plump those almonds were from you paya naturals which is where we also got our dehydrator foam which is where they're gonna be dehydrated living enzymes are both pH and heat sensitive so anything over 118 will actually kill them destroy the enzymes for the enzymes that so our dehydrator set just below 118 and these are going to dehydrate for anywhere between 6 to 12 hours so when all the trays are done off them in to our dehydrator and we'll see you in six to twelve hours I'm going to show you how to make raw almond butter two different ways we're gonna use the blunt tech for one and the food processor for the second so to cut the raw organic spreader almonds first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to grind these almonds into a fine powder so there you go we can actually see some of the natural oil coming through I should mention is raw organic coconut oil coconut oil look romantic yeah I'm just gonna add about a tablespoon and just see how it goes add more accordingly so as you can see it's becoming nice and creamy this I've added about three tablespoons now and undo all of the oil I don't want to blend it any more because I don't want the blood to because it is so powerful to actually heat the almonds so at this point though I'm gonna mix in or you can blend in some sea salt and a sweetener if you'd like as well so you can syrup or whatever it is that you like so as I mentioned now I'll show you how to do it in the food processor oh yes food processor this is a bit of a longer process it takes about ten minutes but don't get discouraged and basically you're just letting the almonds form or bring out their natural oils so in we're five minutes in and you can see all the natural oil starting to come through still not there yet ten minutes and we are almost there I mean each blender is gonna be different but I think I'd like it just a little smoother what do you think sure what do you boys think oh and I will add so we're at 12 minutes now and I think I'm just gonna stop here again you can adjust it to your to your palate if you'd like it's smoother then just keep blending but it is getting warm so I want to stop doesn't matter what appliance you have you can can still make almond butter and make it work and it just your taste and add whatever you like to it feedback question your favorite kind of butter from Rock and Martha thank you for watching food for to TV the Internet's only show dedicated to health
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