HORI Battle Pad for Wii U (Pikachu Version) UNBOXING!

Whats up guys its dudes back to the attacker but you already know that and today I got something new for you I got an unboxing video now today I have good came in the mail the Pikachu poori fight pad we you. Okay, the pig is you dummy. Okay, it's in the title your to know now I am today going to just unbox this thing for you guys now I already have it hold on this not focusing your thoughts. All right, now that is focused today I have unboxing video for guys already have a pre-cut. This is the Pikachu poori fight pad oh the Pikachu edition of the Holy platica controller blah blah blah let's get to unbox me one now here we have the wii u wow here we have the controller now it's the same thing as a holy fight pad will you know the fight pads made by Horry there's two companies that actually make it which oh this one's from Horry I don't know how many times I said that and it's basically a game controller for you if you missed out on getting the game q adapter because you know how many Tendo is I fortunately have the game cured after but. This is also good thing because i'm going to do comparison right after this now it's the same thing as a gamecube controller pretty much the same it's actually a few differences now a few differences that it has a start select and a home button and also has a turbo button and this little knobby thing.

Much for the dirt what is that and another one is the back buttons now there are there aren't loot triggers like the game controller their their buttons which you know some people might find better or not and one bigger thing because it's for the wii u the plug it has to plug into a wiimote controller alright.

Now we start by side they basically look the same but there's actually a few differences minus this they haven't this one has a start button and this one is actually more attuned to being a wii u controller which it is.

You can use it to navigate menus which you can't do with the gamecube controller and also the d-pad is way bigger on this one.

Now as i get it yeah the d-pad is way bigger on this one and way more easy to press then to the gamecube controller and like i said about the triggers this trigger if you fellow game controller clicks in and this one actually since it's a button clicks in way faster than game controller now 1 plus that this has over this minus you know dis not needing the game to adapter since it doesn't it Erica adapter the way you recognize this as a wii u classic controller which means not only can you play smash bros with this but you can also play esop games any other week game that except class controllers like mario kart or any note any game on the eshop or the wii u even future games dude your games we don't know if the gamecube will be on multiple games which it should we know because adapter but that's the unboxing vid comparison now whether you supply either or is really up to you most people will be buying the fight pads for there's a shortage in getting the wii gamecube adapters and it is basically the same thing now if you are now if you want to pick it up there is an amazon link down below in the description there's also other forms of this made by both companies horry and the other one slips my mind but it should be on screen or you should get an amazon link I've been dimmed and I hope you enjoyed this unboxing video.

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