Hori Battle Pad vs. PDP Fight Pad for Smash Bros. Wii U

Hello again in 10 nights I just got my Horry battle pad with a Mario pattern on it in the mail and I've been out already getting some questions to compare it to the PDP pad which comes in these two colors in addition to the Mario color the Horry battle pad as I've reviewed earlier also comes in Luigi.

Here we are side by side looking at the two pads and we can already see a very stark difference the poori battle pad has been more GameCube style layout while this pad with GameCube button layout and strange black buttons that aren't quite very GameCube feeling instead has a thumb stick which you can use for smashes the trigger obviously is not very good on the Hori battle pad whereas the trigger on the PDP pad is very deep and feels a little bit odd to press in if you look at them compared to the Mario wiimotes we can see that the shade of red on both controllers and the shade of blue on the back does not actually match the controller it's close in both cases but it's slightly more close with the Hori battle pad on the back and slightly more close with the PDP pad on the front looking at the prices on Amazon we can see that the Hori battle pad retails for price that is comparably slightly cheaper than the PDP pad and it only comes again like I said in Mario and Luigi forms the PEP pad. However, is cheaper if you get it outside of the osha version.

If you get the standard Mario or the peach versions there around relatively the same price but you have to also include shipping obviously your best deal is from the official Nintendo GameCube controller which is the same price but it's a little bit cheap it's made of flimsy plastic and runs into the big problem of you needing to buy eight over $100 accessory now due to pricing to be able to use GameCube controllers with your system to get the Hori battle pad in the PDP pad to work you'll have to buy a Wii mote for every controller this can get a bit pricey if you're getting the wrong kind of Wii mote but if you go back to like original Wii motes like the original Wii you'll see there's a lot of stuff there.

I guess at the end of the day it all comes down to what type of buttons you like to press if you like to use the L and R buttons a lot on the back of your controller then you're probably going to prefer the PDP tablet slightly but alternatively if you enjoy the feel of jumping using the x and y buttons on a game controller then you're probably gonna want to go with the Horry battle pad which is what I do which is why I would go with it.

That's my review at the end of the day obviously they're both good in their own right they're very different pads but I definitely prefer a Horry to PDP personally because it not only looks more like a game controller it also feels more like a game controller and that at the end of the day I think should be the most important factor obviously the real thing you still got a gamecube controller lying around is the best bet I use that with a converter but if you're getting this fresh like I know a lot of people are like you probably don't have your GameCube accessory still anywhere near accessible and most game stores are going to be retailing those GameCube controllers upwards of $80 or more.

Yeah your best bet like I said is to get probably the Horry battle pad that's just my opinion up what do I know I'm just saying it like it is I see the PDP pad everywhere I go it's at every store I looked at but the horrors are like nowhere.

You're gonna have to go to Amazon to get it unfortunately but I definitely would say it is better and it's relatively cheap - and comes in Mario and Luigi colours.

Yeah that's that's it that's it that's that's my video bye.

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