How Cashew Nuts are Harvested & are Cashews Are Fully Raw?

It's fruits ripen within two months of the first flowering in an orchard the cashewnuts net go almost unnoticed they cling precariously to the cashew apples which spot colors ranging from yellow to deep red when mature the fruits are gathered by experienced hands the nuts are gently plucked from cashew apples then they are trying to get the best results the Indian cashew industry has emerged as the leader in the world employing a wide variety of techniques and equipment for processing to extract the kernel from the hard shell the nuts are softened with steam under pressure and now comes it to play the skill developed by Indian cashew workers over the years the steamed nuts are shell using semi-automatic cutting machines but the trick lies in extracting the kernel holes once the kernels are retrieved they appear pinkish and curly they are put through a hot air chamber which helps restrict moisture so that they can be peeled carefully to avoid breakage once filled the casual kernels are ready to be graded into white holes scorched holes desert holes white pieces scorched beef it's got a question Holly what's your thoughts about cashews I noticed in a dinner you had in Chiangmai racing on one of your videos at a vegan cafe had a couple of cashews on the dish also what do you think about fully raw using fully raw cashews can actually get raw cashews are all they all cooked thanks what's the deal with cashews obviously a lot of cashews with cashew gourmet now eight maybe couple of handfuls a year only if it's on a salad or in a vegan Thai cuisine women Thailand or whatever I'm not a fan of actually buying and eating cashews myself on a little bit harder digest if you have a couple of handfuls here not a problem our cashews raw really really roughly roar hundred percent raw what's the deal well if we look at the cashew nut it's got a fucking poison it is in Russia all acid which will burn your lips freely but into a cashew once and a whole side of face look like she'd eaten a football wish she had a photo that still maybe we find some of those French football face freely she added raw cashew full-on reaction you have to cook the cashew in the raw food world there is a gimmick going on a bit of a scam a bit of a fad really lawfully war cashews or whatever there's no such thing as a raw cashew people say no no how you're wrong if you use a special stainless steel knife it gets rid of the out light how the fuck does it happen one is the cashew industry spending millions of dollars a year of steaming and boiling and dry roasting and doing this stuff to get rid of this toxic acid on there in fact when all I need to do is go to Indonesia and buy a 50 cent knife and cut all that and I mean but people in raw food world are so easily they're so trusting or naive or gullible or whatever you want word you want to use it no judgment no no they don't really question too much they just sort of trust a lot which is cool but it opens you up to getting preyed upon now so I'm not saying you know someone using the fully ruled recipe Christina using fully raw nuts she doesn't sell them he's not trying to make money on you but by keeping this image that you eating all raw we need in cook nuts that's a bit of a fallacy so I think Christina's got a great message that you're wrong here want my gripe is that people selling these really fully raw cashews and saying eyes no no there's no such thing as like uh you know cook casual walk out of it show us the video show us how actually goes from farm from the fruit the cashew grows on the bottom of fruit to then product you can't do it that's sort of video on someone's website recently the guy which is a special status still not unless the same fucking knife they using in Nigeria or Vietnam on the cooked cashews ban you have to get the nut and you have to cook it steam it to get all the acid off of it I was you have people suing you because I we have massive reactions to this acid on the nut so hundred percent of cashews on the market more cashews are cooked you have to steam the shell to break a putt Google it up look it up this is a cashew farm I have I've talked with some big cash or deals in Bangkok then why can you actually get this nut like an arm and off the tree not no way impossible cannot do it my name my name and I can't do it man so it's just a bit of a nut job scam going on with the people selling you raw cashews or whatever so that's why I always laugh example Harlem centroid runoff really they're like you know like no no no like I'm pure I know you're not fully rock is not so fucking cool can use Minyoung recipes which is fine but don't lie to people or patina doesn't exist or your nut butters you eat a cut your cashews cooked which is fine I don't think it makes a bad person or whatever but don't be under the illusion that you're hundred percent raw for X Y Zed years or whatever and be eating cooked foods that's my little gripe with the cashew industry talk with watch some videos on YouTube there's plenty out there cashew harvesting how it's done in go to Indonesia next time and check out these raw cashew farms man it's the same deal it's a big scam I would like someone to prove me otherwise but they won't they can't because it's that's how you the bottom line is that compound that Russia all acid in the cashew if you could breathe that out then you could do it raw but the notion that they're getting rid of that acid despite chopping it with a stainless steel specialist and is still knife actually it's the same one they used in Nigeria and Vietnam well that's spending millions of dollars trying to get rid of this acid and you'll try and tell me we're just coming to a 50 cent knife and chop it and use a little hook and just put but that's the raw food while we live in people who are gullible not even trusting easily marketed easily pull the wool over your eyes that small around the cashew hundred-percent cooked steamed boiled so the raw cashew is a marketing term that's used something it's not roasted but it's been boiled and steamed bottom line 100 percent of cashews 100 percent cooked
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