How To: Beginner Pull-Up Progressions

Hey I'm Scott I'm Scott here in and seniors hood studio and today we were special treat for you guys we're going to show you how to be able to progress towards doing multiple reps with a pull-up now I have my buddy here Keith meeting right now he's gonna go over showing some of the forms on how to do these progressions Hucky you can already do what my 10 pull-ups interrupted.

He's been practicing for a while but it's going to be really great for you guys to see exactly what's going on with him because he's still a bit of a beginner to work it out with us for a couple months now he's doing great it already has his sh f athletes here not because he's ascended towards that level but what I want to do is going to go over here to the claw car and he's gonna go over first the first step for diem do a pull-up on the first if you need to be able to do is hold onto the bar obviously if you can't hold onto the bar there's no way going to put yourself back up and down.

He's gonna do is he's going to jump up he's going to hold the bar for three to five seconds and then just jump back down and hit try and stay as straight as you can when he jumps up now what he's doing is he's increasing his grip strength now if you want to increase it 5 to 10 seconds 10 to 15 seconds you know you want to progress as you get stronger remember if you're going to get to the point where you're doing multiple bullets in row 10 15 20 always have the grip strip strength to be able to do that if you want to you can do this 5 to 10 times hold it five to ten seconds and then maybe towards the end after you do about ten times for 1112 just hold on as long as you can and then rest and then do it again instead with just work some grip strength how's that feeling on there you feeling forearms weight you feeling the most right now for own shoulders forearms and shoulders that's a response feels good now the next progression once you guys able to hold on to the bar is to be able to do the actual movement now some of you guys might and I can't do that I can't even do one phobia where I want you guys to do is buy a bench or create or something that you can stand on that you can push off of what your foot to help yourself get into the up position and then slowly lower yourself down.

He's gonna help us demonstrate again we're going to pull this bench in ready now you want to make sure that somehow you jump up you're quick this will long into a foot you want to make sure the bench is far enough forward.

How To: Beginner Pull-Up Progressions

That you can kind of sit back and then hang with your arms.

You can have sit back hang with your arms in that when he pushes with his toe he's not going and from the bar or directly under the bar because you know I hit your head on it he's doing it.

That when he pushes up he's just far enough back.

His face in his chest can clear the bar if you pull himself all the way up now if you can't do it with one leg obviously you can use two legs.

I want to show that when you're quick and do your hop just like that now what you want to do is try and hold at the top for a second and slow let yourself down there you go how high can you get let me push up in there you'll hear him at work good who's turning his head he doesn't hit a staircase there you go.

He's controlling it on the way down why don't you show them on a couple reps look like you're not controlling see how to accept a little good place.

You really want to make sure that when you pull yourself up you let yourself down slowly you one more there you go he's already fatiguing a little bit I like that. Okay.

Once you practice this you can move on to another progression which is going to involve a piece of equipment called the power pull-up books by lifeline USA ask yourself at Sears or where's my cuticle section below and now what. This is going to do this will take off at maximum on hundred pounds off of your body weight.

If you weigh 200 pounds you can't do a pull-up you take off half of that you'd be able to put yourself up and down and practice your reps now you got me.

I keep using the bench you know it looks pretty good it's very safe now check this out I'm going to adjust this about half way he's going to put his foot in here and have someone help you if you want then all you're going to do is hang just like this cross your feet the front his arms are lined up using the center now on TV over expose up up there you go nice and smooth see how we're staying in line the whole time he's not bouncing around it's a really great piece of equipment to help you from your pull up pull it up there he's getting fatigued I like it one more one more good boy ready if you can have someone squad two to a little bit let me see your back foot get in there if you have a partner with you you should have to get fatigued even when using something like this you can grab their ankle ready put yourself up there you go and just help it always make sure you control the negative once you jump down real quick.

You had to feel I just feel do any sense oh great would you like best about doing it with the bench versus the powder Paula it definitely helps with my lineup got me straight and overall a lot easier a lot easier.

There you go guys some really great progressions to be able to go from not only pull up at all towards multiple reps TomSka I'm Scott Gerber fitness calm and studio says Keith pin down you guys are seeing more of him in the future it has it always more good stuff coming soon see you guys.

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