How to Calculate Standard Deviation on a HP 10BII Calculator

In this video I'm going to show you how you can find standard deviation in your HP 10 b2 calculator and for this example we're going to do something very simple going to find the standard deviation of just one two three and the result that we'll get is these two numbers. This is SX which is here on the calculator and. This is one and. This is based on the n minus one definition the standard deviation.

You would be dividing by n minus 1 on the Sigma X you're getting zero point eight two and. This is based on the N definition of the standard deviation.

When we come to do this the first thing that we'll do is we will make sure that the statistics memory of the calculator is cleared.

You press this orange button here around on this M button you'll see there's a C for clear and then either the Sigma which is for statistics.

If we press that we can now rest assured that the calculator no longer has any statistics or data rather in its statistics memory.

Let's enter this data.

The way we do is we take the data point in and then press Sigma plus that adds it to the statistics memory.

Press 1 Sigma plus and this keeps count of the things we've entered then 2 Sigma plus 3 Sigma plus is telling us we put three data points in and then we can just do the calculation table we want to calculate every press Orange and then this sx we get 1 as expected memory press orange and then we press the Sigma X and this gives you the answer here you've also got s Y and Sigma Y which are for multi variable statistics if you had a Y data set and also you'll notice in blue you've got the sum of the squares the products and other statistics functions like the root mean squared down here hopefully this video has been helpful to you and you can never do standard deviation on this calculator quite easily and finally thank you for watching.

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