How to clean a Spark Arrestor Screen

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I thought I I'm going to remake a video on a like on how to clean a spark arrestor screen kind of like I did one video of it last year to me it didn't quite seem to turn out that good because apparently I didn't know on how to use the macro on my camera.

I figure I just remake it.

How to clean a Spark Arrestor Screen

I'm going to use the echo SRM 2400 SP for an example to do it.

Let's get to work alright.

The first thing we're going to need to do we're going to need it take this cover off.

There's two Allen bolts right here and then there's a Philips screw just to take this cover off and.

We'll do that. All right.

First I'm going to take this piece off it's a Phillips screw. All right.

Now that's off and.

Now we need to take these two Allen bolts off with a size three millimeter allen wrench get that one off I'll get this one off. Okay, I'll just get both up. All right.

Those are off. All right.

Before I can get discover off let me hit the spark plug boot off and I'll also take a spark plug out using a 3/4 inch socket just.

We can be able to get this cover off and. This is a a three spark plug.

The plug for. This is a III 12 or you or you can also use a NGK BPM 7 Y spark plug. All right, now this cover just comes off if your covers a little hard to get off kind of want to kind of squeeze on it just to try to get that little metal that little shield off and it should just come right off. All right, now now we're off.

I figured that also take them up or off. All right.

To take this muffler off just got to remove these two Allen bolts that's on it using a four millimeter allen wrench. Okay, got that we'll listen I'll start listen this one. Okay, probably get these off by hand. All right, buffers off at this little heat shield and a gasket just set those sides.

Here's the muffler right here yeah little oily along here.

I'm assuming the muffler is probably going to be a little bit dirty.

I figure we'll probably clean it up as well and also since that the muffler is off kind of look into the exhaust ports apparently the exhaust port on this machine is clean apparently I don't know if you can see that this particular engine as a two-ring piston in it.

You can see the two rings right there. All right.

Now we'll take apart the muffler. All right.

Now we're going to remove the exhaust output here on the muffler it has got to remove these three Phillips screws just.

That way we can get access to the spark arrestor spring. Okay, get all these screws out.

Here's the exhaust output yeah it's a little bit dirty. This is the silencer the gasket you and the spark arrestor screen strean didn't look too bad there's one little carbon deposit right there it's sort of blocking it but other than that it's actually not that bad it's fairly clean and let's look inside the muffler here it looks a little oil in there a little bit dirty but it's not too bad it's only. This is this muffler has actually been cleaned out just once and it's life a little bit oily but it's not too bad and my phone's ringing hang on a second. All right.

I'm going to clean all this up here on our little stovetop burner on our gas grill. This is definitely the way to go on how to clean up a muffler which y'all see me do this before on the on the lawn boys muffler ID I just actually just set it here on this burner and then I would kind of flip it over a couple times and it would it would only take about maybe 15-20 minutes just to clean it all up but with the muffler maybe this small for like on a Weiser hedge trimmer chainsaw leaf blower it probably won't take since it's kind of a little smaller it won't take very long.

I'll have this on high heat and uh I'll get this fired up alright I got it all fired up.

Before I stick them up or on I'm going to do the spark arrestor screen just put the spark arrestor screen into the flame if the spark arrestor screen is like real dirty like it's if it's all filled up with carbon it'll it'll smoke and then it'll get real flaming usually if it was real dirty it usually would would be a lot more flame here and it would be very smoky I pretty much just stick the spark arrestor screen let it put it on here until it'll just start to get pretty much red-hot.

It doesn't really take that long. This is definitely the quickest way to clean a spark arrestor screen a lot quicker than like using a wire brush or using like chemicals and stuff that. This is definitely the way to go usually if there was like a lot of carbon on it doing it like this it'll actually turn all that carbon crud into dust it'll just quickly disintegrate. All right.

That's obviously good enough.

I'll stick this muffler up.

This shouldn't really take very long.

I'll get back to you all when it's all done. All right.

We got a clean muffler yeah I have it on the needle nose pliers because I just took it off of the burner this thing is really hot.

I'm going to let it cool off and then we'll put her back on it's usually best if you can just clean these screens if you just take them out it'll make your machine run a bit louder they're actually supposed to stop sparks from just coming out of the exhaust and causing a fire which really don't want that and.

Now we'll put her back on. All right.

The first thing we're going to put on is the spark arrestor screen just goes in like that when we got our gasket right here our silencer and exhaust output and then our just got to put the screws in alright.

The screws are in I just got them snug.

I'll just I'm all tight knit up I like to just tighten these on evenly just.

There won't be no leaks. All right, it's all together.

Now we'll put it on the machine. All right.

When you begin to put them up or on along with this heat shield you kind of want this little knot just kind of get into those grooves just like that have it in just like that.

We'll get the muffler also don't forget to put this this gasket on there's actually two of these gases there's another one that's right here on the engine.

We'll just get this on gas we like that kind of hard to actually do this put the camera right in front of you and we'll just tighten up these bolts. All right.

We'll just just snug these by hand just and tighten them. Okay, kind of tighten them up enough by hand it's kind of tight one side here until it's snug make sure you tighten these on evenly - that ensures that that the muffler on this goes on evenly just to prevent any exhaust leaks. All right, that one's snug up. Okay, that one's good double-check this one okay. All right.

Muffler is on.

Now we'll get the cover on alright.

Now we put the cover on it's easier to put the cover on when the spark plug is not in. Okay.

Let's we kind of got it on there when you get it on make sure that you have the steel vent in its pocket just like that and also on one end of the din on this heat shield there's like a little lip got a light get it into this little clip on here on the cover here.

We'll try to get that all on does take a little bit of angling but we'll get it eventually alright then you just heard it pop in.

Now we're just going to make sure that she's all lined up in there real good.

Now we'll just get our heart bolts and just get him on. Okay.

We're getting the bolts and oops sorry about that I got that one smuggle to this notice me sugar tightened up.

I can't get there Alan right yeah there we go sorry about that I bumped the tripod. All right, we should be good well I also don't forget the the top cover piece as well just goes on like that well this tighten up or screw and the last thing put in is the spark plug you alright alright that's that. All right.

It's all back on.

Let's start it up gone on choke we'll give it a few Prime's about five. Okay, set the camera down let's see how she starts whoa how about that fire on the first pole that's. Okay.

That's that that's basically on how you would clean up a spark arrestor screen and a muffler on either a any brand of either a leader leaf blower chainsaw hedge trimmer for any other machine that's got like a little small engine like this.

I hope y'all enjoyed the video.

Thanks for watching.

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