How to clean a stinky 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey minivan a/c evaporator coil

Hey fellow Honda Odyssey owners today I'm going to give you a quick tutorial on how you can get rid of that musty stinky smell from your car's air conditioner the vehicle that I'm going to be working on today is a third-generation honda odyssey third generation for those that don't know 2005 through 2010 and basically right now on my personal vehicle the air conditioner smells like rotting cheese and wet laundry basically mildew for a lack of better description and of course cooling season has begun in canada and right when i first turn on my car's air conditioner or right after I shut my car's air conditioner off you can smell this disgusting wet musty smell that I didn't have last year.

Something must have happened over the fall and winter but nonetheless we're going to clean it out and get rid of that smell before our vacation.

The product I use and I have used in the past with great success is a product made by BG automotive products called fridgey clean and basically what fridgey clean does is it's an expanding foam cleaner that's non corrosive it's biodegradable and non-toxic that you basically inject into your car's evaporator coil where it sort of expands and goes and cleans and kills all the disgusting undesirable things inside your coil without actually doing any harm to your car's AC coils because they're usually made of aluminum as well as all the plastics surrounding it and all the nooks and crannies use it at least four or five different times in the past on different vehicles with a lot of success it doesn't just it's not a odor masking product it actually does go and kill and clean the coils very effectively dealerships use it to resolve these type of issues and usually charge in anywhere between 140 to 180 dollars to do it.

Basically on the Honda Odyssey and as with many other vehicles I just typically go through the condensate drain under the vehicle and inject the product and let it do its magic and basically you just squirt it in and you walk away and come back the next day or a couple hours later and you start using air conditioner and you'll notice that that disgusting musty smell is gone typical cost of a cans about thirty to forty five dollars I've heard people buy this product on eBay for about 30 bucks I bought mine at the local dealership for about 45 Canadian.

How to clean a stinky 2005-2010 Honda Odyssey minivan a/c evaporator coil

It's definitely on the pricier side but it has awesome results it doesn't last just a week last week I did was a Dodge Caravan and it's been over a year and the air conditioner still doesn't stink like rotten eggs and wet socks.

Anyways we'll show you how to use it alright.

In order for you to locate where the condensate drain is for the evaporator coil on the Honda Odyssey on the third-generation man 2005 through 2010 this drain is located right in the center of the van right above the exhaust pipe right after the flex pipe and before the catalytic converter and basically the easiest way to look for it is to look for this engine mount which is right there with the like that big rubber mount and then right above it you will see that there's the condensate drain that leaves your little white hook to hold the tube you know what it's got some funky 90-degree bends and in order to get the product and set inside the vertical we need to sort of get around all these bends.

That we can actually get the cleaner to go into the coil I don't know if you can see from this angle but it kind of bends up to get around.

The easiest thing I found that works is to just simply remove the tube altogether from this little bracket and then basically take that BG product and inject it up through this hose by shoving up the tube into here and then cleaning and then basically you hope that the form will go inside and expand inside the coil.

Once we've inserted the injection tube up into the condensate drain here as you can sort of see how I've kind of jammed up as far as it'll go what I found actually in fact it helps if you cut the tip off of this holes and then shove it inside this condensation.

You don't drop anything in the coil and basically to apply the product you basically hold it as upright as you can and hold it until the product injects into the evaporator core and just let it do its work and you probably there's not much left in this particular can but I'm going to spray and use the rest of my product that I've got left and you know if you're using an you can you probably can screw it for a good solid maybe 20 to 30 seconds and you should be good my particular cat is empty at this stage as you can see that bubbles are sort of going out and that's all there is to it you pull pull the holes out as such loop the condensate drain back around the bracket that you originally pulled it from and that is basically all you need to do and that's how you clean your coil well about 30 minutes is elapsed since I injected the product and I've just turned on the air conditioning or at least turn on the fan and I can tell you right now that the smell from the vents right now smells nice and clean and fresh in that moldy smell is completely gone.

Let's hope that my cleaning job has will last me not just one summer but several summers and if it doesn't then I will just simply go buy another can of fridgey clean to clean the evaporator coil again thanks for watching.

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