How to convert a points and condenser engine to electronic ignition: Part 1

Oh yeah. This is going to be video now how to convert a wanting an answer ignition engine to electronic ignition first thing you do take off the old actually now take off the flywheel first. This is to get oil filter wrench and turn the flywheel.

A little notch you can put the one part of the wrench in there and then turn it down until it locks the flywheel and I get an open end wrench and the hammer and a little bump try there striving to be in two parts of the camera I'm using can't take very long videos take the rapture on and one putting this back together you're going to want to take some automatic transmission fluid put a little bit in there and a little bit on the shaft.

The ratchet doesn't see this now to get oil I take a hammer and a big screwdriver I put the screwdriver hi-fi wheel and pull back on it and wash it off flywheel and the flywheel key don't lose that either now that's off you can see ignition cover the points cover to do this conversion you don't even have to take the cover off all you have to do get us inside the base there's a wire that goes from here up to the magneto about it I've already done this but after you did that take off the old points and convince your coil the bolts that hold the song usually have a quarter-inch head loosen those up see decodable and the head if you shouldn't level take this off the old coil error that you can't really use it for anything now if you cut it if you cut the wire like half way there'll be a little bit of wire sticking out of the suburbs just take your side cutters and snip it off flush with the cover now you can put your flywheel back on.

Put the far move on time it's a keyway is facing up on one wheel key and all goes in the wrong way see you later Fitz will go in and. This is oh it's it's pretty blew in by itself just lightly put your washer on and like I said earlier where you put this back on put a little bit of automatic transmission fluid in there and on the shaft I've already done this put that on either Ratchet back on then take your oil filter wrench put in the other side lock the flat wheel in there take your hammer in your film wrench. Okay, um washer part 2 for how to do the rest of it thanks for watching.

How to convert a points and condenser engine to electronic ignition: Part 1

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