How to Crochet An Afghan: Granny Square Afghan

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Your video host Mikey is now standing by to give you another free tutorial. And welcome back everybody in this tutorial we're gonna do the Bumble Berry Afghan pattern just like you see here. Now we've run other tutorials so there's no point we filming those again so there's gonna be links put right here on the video on actually what you can do in order to put this thing together. So there are actually three links, one is actually making the squares itself. Two actually be doing the half double crochet attaching method and three is actually an idea on actually expanding your colors even further. Fall of 2011 you know I wanted something unique something fun something that speaks me something that's original and unexpected and I was think to myself, I want something different and I was looking at this Bernat Mosaic yarn and the style is called Medusa and I know it's called Medusa because it's on the sku, okay, so look for the skul and there's a color swatch in knitting but I'll tell you that color swatch does no justice compared to what you can get out of here.

So what I'm looking at was thinking Bumbleberry Pie, I was thinking you know the crust, I was thinking the berries, I was thinking the the nice oven browns. In my case I probably burn it a little bit so I got a little bit darker color in here too. And all of this is existing inside one yarn ball and that is the Bernat Mosaic, Medusa styling. What I decided to do different this time versus all the other times have done is that I've decided to make it a diagonal blanket instead of just a regular square. Again I just wanted to do something really fun and different. Now when you thinking of the diagonal, my actual dimensions of this were eight squares times nine squares. And what you have to consider is that two rows equals one and how I'm gonna explain that is that when you go to do the next square that attaches to this one it's actually on an angle and the next one is then over here. So in actual fact whenever you ----So how much yarn is this bad boy going to take and I'll tell you all the dimensions.

We had eight squares by nine squares which is a total of five feet by five feet approximately and what you're gonna have here is that you're having a hundred and twenty-eight different squares. So just by just using the technique within the link of just being able to double up in your colors you can actually really have a magnificent piece here that almost every square looks unique to itself. Now it'll take you eleven balls just to do the squares alone. And the reason for that is that every ball will do twelve squares. So if you're actually looking at doing your twelve at the end you'll have a little bit of scrap yarn left over after every time you finish the twelve and that what I would recommend is that you leave that aside don't use it, just put it on some other project because you want the color to transition because chances are this color will not match the beginning of the next ball. So it will take you eleven squares or eleven balls just to do the squares alone so for 128 squares you will then need three balls just to do the seam work to attach everything together and to do one outside perimeter border for this afghan. Time wise this afghan took me about two weeks to complete. I was compulsive, I was obsessive staying up to one in the morning.

How to Crochet An Afghan: Granny Square Afghan

Once I got on a roll and saw the colors just transitioning so amazingly I just became so self addicted to this particular afghan, it's probably the worst project i've had for trying to get off the hook I go to bed I'm like oh I really do want to get a couple more squares. Each square takes about nine minutes to complete so you can think about the time associated to 128 squares. It was just an amazing project. I'm just so happy with it.

Cost-wise you're probably gonna look at yourself around a hundred dollars just to make this afghan and you're thinking to yourself a hundred dollars and you think to yourself you know what if you're gonna do a hundred and twenty eight squares and you're gonna invest all that time. Don't you want to step up your yarn a little bit actually do something totally amazing. I've used, I've done other afghans where I have went cheap on the yard and when I look at the effort that I would have done to do that you know for an extra two bucks a ball maybe I could have got something that was even more spectacular just by spending the money upfront.

So when you look at it for an extra two balls you know when you times it by fourteen, for an extra twenty-eight dollars that it would've cost to increase my yarn it would have been totally worth it in order for me not to have our something that goes out of style so fast. So I look at this project and I'm so proud of it, I'm just am so amazed. I took it to a live show already and people just like, and I'm like having to close the mouths. You know the Bernat Mosaic yarn people are complaining that maybe it's a little thin, to me you know I don't necessarily want a really heavy afghan um, when I'm on the couch because chances are I'm already wearing clothes. This just for something for a lapghan.

It's just something that I really, really love doing. This afghan for me is gonna be on display at the Creativ Festival. It's just something that I want people to talk about. Um, it's amazing to me one style of yarn ball can do all of these amazing colors and you know it's something that are very proud of.

So on behalf of I'm your host Mikey celebrating my accomplishment of doing my Bubble Berry Pie Afghan. As you can see here.

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