How To Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

So let's begin this tutorial and we're gonna start off with the center and while I'm doing a slipknot I'm going to tell you that there is no slit in my Christmas tree skirt and the reason for it.

My pets like to mess up my Christmas tree skirt.

I like to crawl underneath instead of having that temptation I just like it to be a solid piece and then I have to put it on to the pole before I insert it into the base what I'm setting up the tree.

It sounds like inconvenient when I'm setting up but an actual fact if it's up for a month or two then it's actually a lot better.

How To Crochet Christmas Tree Skirt

I'm gonna start off to make it a solid piece but I have to make room for the pole.

We're gonna start off with chaining 16.

That was 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and 16 and you're thinking to yourself wow that's quite a big centerpiece like when we go to pull it put it back up.

We're gonna put the center on.

We're just gonna put on the other side and we're gonna pull it through as a slip stitch just like.

So we have one big solid piece.

Now there is the hole for our centerpiece just like.

I'm also using a size six millimeter crochet hook if you actually see it on there if I put my hand away but I'd recommend probably a six and a half and four ply worsted yarn and in the tutorial preview that you saw that was actually four ply Burnette mosaic Aran.

Let's work my way around the around the center and.

We're just going to chain up three.

One two three that counts as one and what I want you to do is go inside the ring.

Just double crochet.

Grabbing it going in pulling it through and then pull through two into just like.

And I want you to do that 23 times.

That was number one of 23.

Go around do that and we'll meet back up where we'll continue along and this yarn that I'm using is pretty it's pretty thin that I'm using but you know what I just want to show you how to work it and it's kind of Christmas yarn because it is.

It's kind of fun to use as well.

I'm now all the way around and you can see that there's kind of a gap there and that's not a big deal.

What you should count is that you should have just said 23 of these remember that we counted up three here and an actual fact if you count from that one and all the way around you should have a total of 24 and that really does make a difference.

What you can just do is that just forget that gap is even there because what's going to happen is that once you a slip stitch it to the top of that chain do you start slip stitch it's going to pull everything together and it's just going to work itself out.

You see that there's a lot of clumping here because of the way that we did it we can always move stuff around and that will shift as we go.

Now it's time for us to begin the actual points of the star now you should know that when I designed this particular tree skirt is that I never had any religion in mind it just happens to be six-sided because that's what I wanted and if that's not what you want then maybe. This is not for you.

What we have is I'm going to chain one and that what I want to do is then begin start to do the chaining are sorry start doing the points of the star.

What I want you to do is that we just changed one I'm going to skip one and I'm going to go to the second over and I'm gonna put in three double crochets in a row I'm gonna assume that you know how to crochet a little bit in this tutorial it would make it a lot easier for both of us. Okay.

We're gonna put in three.

There's one point half of the point and then to create the point itself.

That's going up to one point of the star you're going to chain three one two and three and then we come down that same point.

We come down into the same hole. Okay, and we are just gonna chain or sorry double crochet three more times.

We go up by double crocheting three times we create the point by chaining three times and that would come down the other side and now we what we want to do is we want to skip the next stitch in and we want to go to the second over in just single crochet so. This is the very bottom of the point. Okay.

We're now at the very bottom.

Now what we have to do is just skip the next stitch over and go to the second over and we want a double crochet three times.

We're going to go up the point again.

We're going to double crochet three times two one two and three we are going to chain three because we're going to create the point one two three and then we come down on the other side by going into the same hole. Okay, and and then we again skip we skip the next stitch go to the second over for a single crochet sin then. Okay.

We're just going to follow what we've been always doing.

We're going to skip the next stitch go to the second over when we are going to create the next point.

Three double crochet again chain 3 for the point and we want to come down the other side of that.

We come into the same hole again for a 3.

1 2 & 3 we skip the next stitch in the in the circle go to the second one over ok and we're going to do the next one.

We skip the next one go to the second over 4 3 double crochets again.

1 2 & 3 chain 3 for the point coming into the same hole as we come down the other side of the point. Okay, and now we skip the next one on the bottom there and we go to the second one over and we single crochet and again we start with the next one.

It's skip go to the second over and we're doing three double crochet again.

This kind of varies we're going to do our three chain and then come down the other side for three.

This varies from the five point that is very very popular with me and the reason for it is you want to create that centerpiece to be wide.

That the christmas-tree can go down in between. Okay.

We're going to skip the next one go into the second one over for a single crochet and what we want to do is do is you want to count.

You got one two three four five.

This will be the final point because I said it was a six-sided point.

We're gonna just follow the pattern as we've been doing.

Up to one side four three. Okay, doing the point for chaining three and then coming down the other side four three double crochets as well. Okay, and then this here when we go to skip over we should be lining it to where we started. Okay.

We're just gonna slip stitch right where we started in the beginning.

That we can find a finalized the star itself and.

You can see things started to shift around and balance as I've been going all the way around.

Let's start completing your next level of the star and once I complete the next level everything else from here on in is exactly identical. Okay.

Here's the catch of the start the thing about the star is that it comes down and it comes to a low point and has upper points the problem is that when you start the next level is that you will notice that where we're coming to low points they will actually form these big holes like you see here.

You really can't see it now but it's actually there.

What we have to do over here is that we have to get away from the center point where exactly in between two points and how we do is that we work by the slip stitching -.

Slip stitch just grabbing through just go into the next stitch and then go again to the next one available just like.

So we want a slip stitch.

That we are over top of the second one before you get to the end. Okay.

Now we chained up three.

One two three so. This is what it should look like is that when you're chaining up you're actually not in the center of between the two and then we begin again.

Now that we're up on the two we have to actually come over.

We're going to go over to the next one which will be the last one before you hit the end of the point. Okay.

You have one and two. Okay.

This was your chaining and.

Now the next piece is right in the corner.

Every time you get to a corner no matter where you are in this project on the edge you want three double crochets three chain and three double crochets and you do that every time you come to the point of this particular project.

One two three.

We're coming down the other side by going into the same gap as well and what it's happening with. This is that it's causing thermistor.

We're now coming down the other side.

Four three double crochets. Okay.

Before we continue.

This gap is being carried on to this gap over here you see that and.

You remember that we had two here so. This is the chaining of three and then the single and the double crochet before we went to the edge. This means that we have to get two on this side of the star as well we have to actually maintain that.

The first one is actually right there a lot of people like to skip it but it's actually right at the base of where these are all meeting.

We come down right in there.

One and two.

That was your double crochet and then we go into the very next one for a double crochet. Okay.

Basically these two here match these two over here I know that's kind of hard to see on camera but it's actually true trust me.

Do you remember that we when we were over here and we chained up two or chained up three over here what happens is out over here you have the two final.

You come in over.

Instead of doing anything in the center you just automatically start to double crochet and you come into the second one before the tip. Okay.

That was.

You see how that is.

There's one there's the tip. Okay.

That was the one before the tip and then we do the tip again.

Three three and three.

Three double crochet three chain. Okay, and three double crochets one two three for the chain that is the very tip point of the star when you do that. Okay.

Remember like we just did on the other side we had two over here before you went to the tip.

What you need to do is make sure you get two on this side as well you will notice that every time you go around you're each point will get more than two. Okay.

For example you have two here before the tip.

That when we come back around and do this again you'll have four here and then the tip and every time you gain a rotation you'll gain by two on each.

Let's go over here just like we did before. Okay, it's the second one over. Okay, it creates that nice gap in the middle and then the tip it's at 3 3 & 3.

It was three double crochet three chain three double crochet. Okay, and remember this round we have in two coming here before we go to the tip.

That means we have to get two on the other side you will notice that with every revolution you'll instead of having to count that out you'll know it it just was one of those things that you don't end up knowing and it's not as something you have to really pick careful tension or two.

We're going to jump now to the other tip leaving the gap in the middle in fact I shouldn't say that the gap at this particular point you're skipping over three stitches to do.

But I like to look from the tip going backwards just to make sure that it stays in line again I'm working on the tips of three three and three three double crochet three chain three double crochet coming down the other side four three double crochets. Okay, now I'm already starting to think about I had two on the other side therefore I should get two on this side. Okay, and then again just the same thing is that we want to jump over.

You can either skip three stitches or you can just look for this two from the back and two from the back there and then we're on the point against the three three and three.

This revolution basically is going to set the precedents for the rest of your project when you're doing this.

In actual fact you have to you really can't avoid this revolution because you'll notice that we're skipping over three in the bottom sections like I talked about a little bit earlier and in the next rotations you're no longer skipping three but you're actually skipping two and the reason for it is just because of the simple way that you've been transitioning from a regular double crochet going around establishing the points and then getting this revolution to go around to really start to really finalize what it's going to look like.

We're going to now skip over to the final. Okay.

I'm just looking from the - from the back or - from the point it's just easier to do it that way or you could skip over three whatever's more convenient for you I'm on the point again.

I'm doing my three three and three you'll find that these Christmas tree Afghans will actually um grow really fast on you it's with every revolution you get a little bit slower because every time you circulate around you're almost gaining by three-quarters of an inch if not about an inch in size and therefore you have more stitches every time you revolve around actually I think I worked out the math that you have an extra force to just per point therefore you got six points.

Every time you you go around you'll have 24 more stitches to do.

Now we have to join the final end. Okay, and we want to maintain this gap that's why we did our slip stitching and we just reach over just the top of where we chained and we want to do a slip stitch just like so. Okay.

Let's revolve around this one again and this final one that I'm about to show you is what you're going to do for the remainder of this particular crota crochet piece.

Now where we finished off were directly in the center point again but we can't be we have to be slightly out in order to maintain these gaps that are now appreciating in the middle just like.

So every time you now get bigger is that you have to slip stitch one over so. This is your over top of this one here but it's directly right in the center point you have to move over one.

You just go over one stitch pull it through and through and.

Basically your material has now just moved over the second one and then you chain three. Okay.

Now you can see that you're slightly off-center when this goes back around you'll notice that it will not be in the center which is what now what you should be noticing now is that you should only have now four stitches available instead of two and these are all the ones in between before getting to the point.

We're just want to go into each one. Okay.

That was one. Okay, two three.

I said that there's four and the reason there's four is that you've already chained up three on one of them. Okay.

Every time you go around. This is the only time you're chaining up.

All the rest of them will totally make sense.

You're now on the edge.

Let's do your three three and three I have had this yarn for almost two and a half years not knowing what to do with it and because it's a christmas-themed I thought well I'm gonna use it for this tutorial. Okay.

We came up four on the other side.

Now we have to go down four when we get to the in-between piece. Okay.

The first one is right in that bad boy right there. Okay.

That was one you can count it two three and four and you should be if we did it right yep we should have these two right in the center left alone.

You should not go into the next two stitches and go into the third one over. Okay, and you should be able to work yourself up for going up the other side.

In the next revolution when you come around you're actually going to have six stitches to play with and the reason for it is that every time you're putting your 3-3-3 into the point that's where you're actually increasing your stitch counts is right there.

We're now in the next point. Okay.

It's three double crochets three chain. Okay, and we come down the fort just like we did on the other side.

That's what you need to do in this revolution.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to leave this for you now and I'm going to show you how to change a color and I'm going to just explain to you where you need to finish this project off.

Let's get all the way around and don't go any further than that and we'll meet back up in just a few seconds and I'll show you how to change color on this bad boy.

Now all the way back around again.

You can always already see the gaps are starting to form really gorgeous gorgeous star and what I want to do is I would just want to slip stitch again.

We're just going to join it. Okay.

The top of the chain where we were before and pull it through and through and.

Then that seals it shut again like it was.

We're going to change color but point is is that you can't change color yet because the problem is that we're now back in the center again and we have to be outside the center.

What we need to do is that we need to move over once we slip stitch to the next one we grab our next piece of material because you'll see that there's no ties on this I'm just putting it on that's a loop. Okay, I'm just drew in through. Okay, just like.

And now I can safely cut the silver material because I'm just going to cut it like.

And now because I've already shifted over one. This is where I would do my three.

One two three. Okay, that was my chaining and.

Now the two stragglers that are left over we want to hide those and how we do it is that we've already shifted over one like I said.

Now the remainder has to be working all the way up.

Now that we actually have a six instead of four. Okay.

This one we increased again by two by going around in a circle.

We're just going to go into the next stitch we're gonna lay these on top pull it oops I have two double crochets I'm going to go in go into that stitch again and pull it through and double crochet is normal and.

I keep going along and hiding these stragglers into the top section there as I go. Okay, and that's permanently trapping those into positions.

I don't have to worry about those falling out at point remember that crochet is like kind of a simplicity of tying knots and when you're going all the way when you're doing this you're actually tying knots onto itself therefore it will not come out.

We should have a total of six. Okay.

You got one two three four five six the chaining of three counts as one and then we do our three three.

I still have the straggler locked in a position I Mazal not cut them yet and Muslim get rid of them and hide them right into that corner piece nobody's going to ever see that they're there and they are there to judgemental and tell them - mm-hmm tell them to get away from your project I almost set other things of that but I'm not going to.

We're just going to do our three three. Okay.

The stragglers have run out at this point.

Where they're sticking out right now I can just safely cut that after and now we come down the other side for total three.

Just continue need to count our 12 six you can just count it.

That was one two three four five six and.

We don't want to touch the middle part like we've mentioned before.

The two should remain untouched and.

You can just either skip two or just look for that and just go up the other side four six and that is how you will do it.

When you're finishing off this project bright where we're slip stitching right at the very beginning when we did that that is where you stop and you're start you will notice that in the Afghan that are in the the preview I actually use mosaic yarn that I'm actually using right now and because of the color.

Transition you will notice that at that particular point that the colors that will come across red and then it will jump up one level and keep going red that's why that's happening is because that's where you have to shift up and we're on our three three again.

That's it's a very easy tutorial to be able to follow through hopefully it makes a lot of sense when you get to these stars and kind of weird angles it gets kind of hard to teach online but hopefully you were able to understand you go and when I first started doing this I actually started I was already counting up until I had like 20 going across on a start and then I kind of clued in that there's actually a repetition a pattern and to trust myself but in the very beginning you need to really count because it's very easy to throw the start off alignment by actually not paying attention to the center points there because if you get one extra stitch going on either side of these stars you will notice that the start is not going to grow equally it's going to have like one particular point that's out of shape until next time on behalf of the crochet crowd and all free crochet comm I'm your host you.

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