How to cut a Mat Board for a Photograph

Here at photo mission we know that choosing the right frame can make all the difference and choosing the right mat board can also make all the difference and bringing out the best in your artwork today I'm gonna show you how to cut a 11 by 14 mat board and put an 8 by 10 opening let me show you how.

Here's our 11 by 14 mat board and I'm gonna open make an opening 8 by 10 I like to do some math on the back.

There's no room for error and especially if you don't do this every day it might be a better idea.

11 by 14 11 minus C 8 gives you 3 that's an inch and a half on each side and you want to actually make the opening an inch a little over an inch and a half.

How to cut a Mat Board for a Photograph

Your print doesn't fall through and the same with the 14 14 minus 2 10 leaves you 4 divided by the 2 leaves you two.

Here we go you place the mat board on the back side facing up I'm gonna leave an inch and three-eighths on the side we use a Logan 650 mat cutter works very well you can also do this by hand and also relatively simple to do setting my guides to an inch and 7/8 into an inch and 3/8 press firmly down hold the bar down nice and straight now we'll do the other side same way make sure that your square at the top down pull straight across now we're gonna do the top and the bottom we have to switch the measurements this side here to an inch and three-eighths. Okay, that's perfect and on the top and bottom the other way - very good and we make sure they're nice and square right down and makes a nice cut with a cross right there and if it doesn't catch all the way just there you go.

You know you're gonna be good same is true at this side right here. Okay, and you follow.

Now we have our 8 by 10 opening on the 11 by 14 mat board perfect cut will you also do many different types of cuts we do all will cut mat boards which is very very nice it's a hard thing to do but we do that here at photo mission and also multi cuts matting makes a big big difference and I don't know if you can see that or not but this happens to be a 15 openings 15 openings on a 30 by 36 mat board glass is also a very important element many times people use regular glass by a window I wouldn't really recommend it there are several different types of glass here's a regular piece of glass and you see if there's a lot of glare off its really it's nice but it's not recommended here's a piece of non-glare glass I believe you can see the difference this will protect from UV light also won't reflect on the fluorescent lighting and you work very hard to decorate your home in your office your places of business frame is a very important born element of that glass is a very important component to a custom frame and.

Are other things like acid-free and archival materials that's all we use here at photo mission we do an excellent job you can trust us with all your artwork my name is Joe I will be handling your order one of my staff we're all dedicated framers here we take we pay close attention to detail we'll take great care of your artwork and we guarantee your satisfaction well located right here in the heart of midtown Manhattan we're at 22 East 40th Street right by brand central come in and see me thank you.

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