How To Diagnose An Ignition Module Without Any Special Tools

Hey youtubers that I'm going to show you to properly diagnose an ignition module without any special tools on a lawnmower here's a lawn boy lawnmower two two cycle and this more had no spark.

I took the cover off now when you check for spark if your lawnmower has a safety lever make sure it's held down you can use a tie wrap have a friend hold good or pair of vise grips this will make it easier to turn the flywheel because the brake will not be applied to it sometimes when you have a small engine with no spark you wonder is it the coil or is it some wiring problem what I'm going to do today is show you how to eliminate the doubt that it could be a wire usually on any small engine you're going to have a wire that goes to the coil or ignition module here you simply disconnect it what this does is it isolates your ignition module totally on its own this way you know for sure that it's on a wire or switch causing your machine to not have any spark all you have to do now is go out on your spark plug to the engine and turn the flywheel in this case sir I do have a bit of spark on the spark plug but if you had no spark and you had disconnected the wire then you would be absolutely sure that the ignition module is the problem.

All you'd have to do is your place ignition module and you'd have spark again now if you had to a spark on your machine and after disconnecting this wire you had spark then you would know that the problem is a wiring issue or switch somewhere and by knowing this you can save yourself the expensive cost of replacing the ignition module before replacing an ignition module I always try this on my small engines and most of the time it ends up not being the ignition module that's a problem it ends up being a switch or wire somewhere and in some other cases that ends up being the gap between the ignition module and the magnets on the flywheel here a good way to set the gap between the ignition module and flywheel is to insert a business card between the two of them you can also use a service tag like this stick it in there and then tighten up the bolts holding the inertia module and always make sure that the tag or business card is loose in here pull it out and that should be good make sure that the gap is good between the flywheel and ignition module because you will not have spark and after we gapping the ignition module on this lawnmower it runs good at one point I thought for sure it had to replace the ignition module on this lawnmower but it ended up just being the gap between flywheel.

Thanks again for watching and we'll see you next time you.

How To Diagnose An Ignition Module Without Any Special Tools

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