How to Easially Remove Locking Wheel Nuts Without The Key - No Drilling or Cutting!

So I have to change these tires order the snow tires but I can't find the locking key for these locking nuts here the new one is $20 but because it's really about to snow anytime now I want to get these tires on as soon as possible don't have to wait for shipping so I'm going to show you how to get these locking wheel nuts off without the key with just a hammer and a proper socket so first thing you want to do first thing you want to do here always first you want to do is get a rod and a hammer and hit the not quite hard and what that does is it compresses the aluminum seat of it just a bit and then that loosens it up a lot because the only thing going to take this off is friction and then we want as little relations as possible so it doesn't wreck the socket or come off accidentally so next thing we do is we take a socket that is just a bit smaller than the diameter needed to fit over top of here and make sure that's the twelve point one so that means that it doesn't it doesn't have the hexagon it has a dodecagon so it has 12 little points inside it's not a hexagon otherwise it won't fit on properly and what we're going to do is and a hand with this on and then it'll then all these little points will grab on to this and create friction which we can then use to undo the nut so then after you've hammered on it with the hammer and the rod you take your take your socket hold it straight in front of the nut and then hammer it on I want to make sure that it's quite straight coming up but it's not really too too critical if it isn't or not then take your socket or your torque wrench or might just have a breaker bar hook it on the socket and undo the nut it should come off very easily because we hammered it loose in the beginning and then just under it by hand and there's your locking wheel nut off and now this is now wedged in here to get it off what I do is I lock this in a vise lock the socket in a vise put this rod in through it and then just hammer it and then it just pops right out and the best part is there's minimal damage to the actual to the actual surface the actual locking surface of them so here's another one that I've taken off and the only evidence that I took it off are these little these little lines here from the points on the socket so there's minimal damage to the actual locking surface here so if and when we do find the actual lock then we can use these again just without any damage so hopefully you learn something yeah don't use this to seal tires just if you lose it or if the damage just something it's just really easy way to take it off so thanks for watching the fight
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