How to Empty Black Water Tank on Camper

Paige the average Dan and whether we like to or not at some point if we're using a camper we got to take care of the black water that's what this video is all about. All right.

I'm just going to do a quick video about how you empty the black water and gray water from your tank one of the things that you may want to consider doing is emptying the black water first.

You can use the grey water as kind of a washout.

You basically have the option to bring your camper to a designated dump area there's a lot of places like water treatment facilities and whatnot that may have a facility where you can actually drain your camper and expose of your black water in this case I have a mobile container that I'm going to transfer it into for the purpose of this video and then you can bring it to an approved an approved place to dispose of but for now just going to show you how to hook it up to this and get it cleaned out for its next use. All right.

How to Empty Black Water Tank on Camper

Ideally the camper is going to be at a higher level than this container unfortunately the way I have my camper position in my yard it's not going to work out that way.

I am going to drain this into this tank and I just have to do a little bit of extra work to get that hoe is cleaned at the end but basically what we're going to do is we got both connections hooked up you have your grey water on the left your black water on the right first thing I'm going to do is open the black water and let it go when it stops moving I'm going to help it along I'll save you the sound effects of that part but once that's done I will then open the grey water and try to flush everything that may be remaining in the opening there into the tank and then we'll we'll close up the black and grey water and charge it for next use alright.

After you hear the rush of the black water subside in this case I had to work my hands along the hose and get it up over that lip that I'm working at now we can open the grey water for a bit and flush the hose into the container.

The great water is just your your sink drains.

Dishwater nothing real nasty in the gray water but let's some of that flow in probably don't want to empty the entire gray water into this tank is and you're just going to have a really heavy tank work it into the tank so. This is a 1984 Fleetwood wilderness it has kind of a strange configuration in the tank because what I find a lot of the times is just kicking the drain and emptying stuff out doesn't really work to get everything out of itself I'm going to put some water on the inside kind of rock the camper back and forth try to stir that up and and get the any solids that may be stuck in there outward.

It's getting pretty dark just wanted to wrap it up but basically once you run the gray water through that you close the valve secure that up wash out the end if there's anything left over in there and obviously you want to seal your container if you are using that disposal container sceetos are crazy out here today you also wanna make sure when you're trying to put stuff in that container that you actually open the air release on the back or nothing is going to move or move really really slowly.

Just want to show you how that process worked then we're going to go in we're going to put a toilet bowl full of water down in the tank and throw in one of those treatment pods I'll put a link in the description for those you basically that's how you charge it get it ready for the next next use.

That's all the time we have for tonight thank you for watching if you have any questions please leave them down below like this video if you found it helpful continue or consider subscribing to the channel if you'd like to see more videos like this and click that Bell notification icon.

You don't miss a thing that's all for now until next time. This is the average Dan thanks.

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