How to Extract or Remove broken or stubborn locking lug nuts on a car or SUV without a key.

Hello there this is Abraham and I'd like to share today with you misfortune that I had with my locking lug nuts as you can see my originals are fairly rusted and as I was trying to take the wheel off two of them fractured here the pieces I was quite surprised by that this is the original key as you can see inside its well it's not worth a lot because I was trying to get the nuts of that were fractured so after searches online I found that there isn't an easy way to get those nuts out so I did some more research and found that there were keys or special wrenches that allow you to take the nuts off so I went online and researched you can buy them on eBay but then I was reading some more and this this we're talking about quite a few hours online doing research I found out that the manufacturer of these locking lug nuts is actually standing behind their product so I called the magar is the manufacturer of my lug nuts locking lug nuts and they were nice enough to send me these extractors so I was so in enix well I was excited that's it to get them off that I forgot that would probably be a good idea to make a video on it so I took one out and I actually hammered the other extractor on to the other wheel so my guard has the you need to give them a deposit and they'll send you as many extracting tools as you have the broken not so I had to they sent me too I also asked them about the warranty on a product they said it's a year warranty but they were willing to replace two of my lug nuts and I told them all the other two are quite awful plus I don't know if the key will actually fit let's see and see if the new key okay the new key actually fits on to the old lug nuts so the actual pattern is the same but I told them you know what they rusted and I don't know if they're going to fracture or not so they were nice enough to send me for new shiny walking lug nuts and two keys so this is the new set that I got from the Megara and I got two of the originals that came out one that I already extracted and one that's still in the tire or wheel and I want to show you what's the procedure I'm getting the lug nut extracted without damaging the rim or anything okay this procedure is really nice I'm I'm sorry I can't show you the actual tool on the inside but what it is is it's it's tapered it has no ridges no nothing it's just a smooth tapered cylinder which quite surprised me that it would hold on my first extraction was unsuccessful the tool came off and I think I just simply didn't hammer it hard enough so okay the tools that we'll need 1/2 inch drive hammer the bigger the better McGirt recommends 5 pound this is normal Toyota lug nut wrench and some lever so that we can turn the nuts without too much effort let me place it right there so now I have hammered this somewhat I'm going to hammer it some more gotta be quite persistent and hammer it hard another thing that I did notice which I think caused partially why my lug nuts failed is I tried extracting the original lug nuts on the wheel that was hot so car just came off the road and sorry about that and it was I didn't want to get extracted so let's get this thing I hammered it well before I started recording I thought you know what I ran home and went get the camera so I can't take it off these things that I tried these things are in there well I cannot extract it so okay against the clock let's put this you'll see how surprisingly simple it is it's moving it's moving all right there we go so look not extracted no damage anywhere gotta be careful with a hammer and stuff the metal that this is made from is quite interesting it's not a very hard metal in fact it's a soft metal softer than a lug nut and what it allows is basically it forms around not I was thinking that the metal would need to be harder than the original lug nut and that's not true the metal needs to be soft or softer so just get the gloves off you can see the lug nut well it's in there with the sides broken so here we go this is the my guard kit and literally you know two minutes of work hammer it on get it off got to make sure to hammer it on correctly these tools from a guard I think are only for single use they came in brand new and I do not think that they can be reused so I don't know they're taking a loss on this and I'm extremely grateful to them for providing this so like I said there is a deposit that you have to live with them but if you are stuck with broken lug nuts locking lug nuts there is a way to get them out without too much pain however if your car is in extreme need of you know you need to drive it you have to wait a few days I mean you can express ship it but you have to wait a few days until they come in but the tools are very very well worth it they I should say nothing but positive about how they work they are not sold in stores they're not available anywhere you can only get them from a guard and just need to go to their website contact them they'll they'll get you squared away they're nice guys and I'm extremely grateful that they do such nice support so thank you very much and hopefully this helps a lot of people there
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