♥ How to Get a Beautiful Golden Tan ♥

Hi guys this video is going to be all about my favorite fake tan products now we've had a pretty rubbish summer here in the UK well it's felt rubbish because we've had loads of rain and hardly any sunshine.

I've been using a few products just to give me an extra blow and i'm going to show you some of those now plus a couple of products that will help you to maintain that town as well to make it last longer.

The first thing that you need to do before you fake tan is to do an exfoliation of four bodies slowly exfoliation I can't speak to it and that's going to get rid of all the dead skin on your body and make sure that that time goes on evenly.

My favorite one is the soap & Glory flake away first of all massive pot and.

♥ How to Get a Beautiful Golden Tan ♥

You get loads of product and that's important when you're doing a full body exfoliation because you're going to use loads of product the smell is really really nice too it smells of peach I think it has some grape in there as well really really nice smile.

It smells good when you put it on it's not too harsh as well as that for a body exfoliant it's quite soft as well it doesn't I've used a couple before that were quite harsh and this one I don't have a problem with.

It's quite soft and also it has almond or almond oil I'm not sure how I would say that almond I think I say almond almond oil and that means that when you get out the shower almost feels a little bit waxy on your skin it leaves kind of a layer of not oil it's not greasy but just sort of a waxy moisturizing feel and I really like that because when I'm fake tanning it does tend to join my skin out.

That really helps to keep it moisturized before I've even started moisturizing and then you need to moisturize.

You need to put as much moisture as you can into your skin and make sure that that tan last that's really going to hold it especially around your elbows and your knees where you get dry skin make sure you moisturize really well around that and your ankles as well might I get dry skin on my ankle sometimes my tan comes off there in particular.

My favorite moisturizer of all time at the moment is the vaseline coco radiant um I love this.


Much and the smell is it's cocoa butter yeah it just smells.

Lovely and it's.

Soft and you put it on it just feels like you're wrapping yourself in a layer of silk and it's not very expensive either and you get a huge bottle so. This is my favorite one to use at the moment it's not sticky there doesn't leave sup a sticky feel afterwards really really nice body moisturizer to use if I don't have any of that left another one that I like using is soap & Glory body butter this one smells nice it still smells smells sort of them a little bit fruity I don't think it smells as nice as the body butter but you might find the body butter one a bit too rich. This is a lighter one and it just is not as may be as intense as the other moisturizer but it's lovely it smells nice it goes on really nicely and it feels lovely as well.

Second favorite body moisturizer then you've got to the town stage after that.

You need to allow a bit of time as well I think when you fake tan if you rush it sometimes which I've often done it can look a bit rubbish.

If you can do leave a bit of time to do all these things because then you're going to make sure that you have a really nice time. Okay.

The first fake tan i'm going to show you is the first fake town that I ever started using and it's the Moose San Moritz now. This is really good for a starter town because first of all it's incredibly cheap it's about two pounds fifty here in the UK and for a fake tan that is very good.

If you don't want to spend a lot of money on fake tan or you or you haven't tried it before and you just want to see what what time would look like on you. This is a brilliant one to start off with it's really easy to put on you just put it on with a tanning mitts the color is pretty good as well it's not amazing it's not as good as some of the other products that i'm going to show you but it's definitely a great one to start with or perhaps one to use if you're going out on a night out and you you're going to use it once and you don't want to spend a lot of money I use this for a few months and when i first started and i loved it to bits it's only because i want to sort of longer lasting color that I've moved on to other ones but definitely a place to start if you're thinking about tanning and the only thing is it smells quite rusty it's got that really fake tan smell for those of you that know what I'm talking about it's kind of like her almost like a biscuit II smell I think.

It doesn't smell great.

That's the downside to it the next product I really really like this Zen tan now and Zen tan one of the best things about. This is the smell it doesn't have that traditional fake town smell that the other products have it smells a vanilla it's.

So nice it's it's almost like a moisturizer.

When I put this on it just feels like I'm putting moisturizer on it comes out almost green which is a bit weird at first but it won't obviously look green on you and it comes out really really nice and it leaves you with a natural glow goes on really well and it's just kind of a nice color moisturizing it just looks incredibly natural.

I absolutely love that as a fake town they also do a mousse version which I have have lost the lid though.

If you prefer putting on a moose. This is definitely exactly the same color as the other one but it's just putting on a moose sometimes I flip between a moose or a cream if my skin's a bit drier I'll try and use a cream but moose I do find quicker sometimes to put on.

But Zen tan is brilliant the whole range I've tried a couple of the things I think it's really good partly because um yeah of the smell and the fact that the color is just really natural and really really even the next product i'm going to show you i was really excited about trying because it's a new range that has not long been out and it's the San Tropez self tan dog. This is the newest version they also do a cream and I think they do a face one as well.

Tan for your face and. This is really good if you want more than just a healthy glow perhaps you've got darker skin and you find that some other fake tans don't give you that glow. This is really really good and and the great thing is it doesn't make you look like an oompa loompa or really orange because some of the darker ones i've tried have just looked awful on me but this one gave me it looked like her to come back a holiday but not overly brown it just looked really really nice there's definitely more color to this than some of the other ones I've shown you.

If you've got really pale skin or you're quite fair I'd stay away perhaps stay away from using this unless you want a really really dark tan but I loved it when on really well it lasts a long time and the color is great the only thing is it does have that sort of fake tan smell to it again that biscuity kind of smell and.

That's the downside but really nice range if you want a really really nice sort of darker tan and then last but not least my favorite product that I use every day. This is the time i go back and back to over and over again and i think it is definitely my favorite it's the San Tropez gradual turn I love the whole Santa pay range I think whilst it's expensive it's really really worth the money because the results are good it looks very good it's not patchy it goes on well and this one is like an everyday moisturizer.

It comes out clear it's almost like a white moisturizer and you just moisturize your skin as you would with a normal moisturizer this won't give you an instant tan.

Like the others you won't have you won't look Brown a straight away this will take about a week to really or maybe even two weeks to really build up to that town that you want but it doesn't give you the fake town smell you don't need to worry about going to bed and having tan on you or wearing clothes and it rubbing off on you and it's an incredibly natural looking tan as well.

You can wear this all year round and people won't really notice perhaps that you've got fake town on and.

My favorite one and I just use this when I get out the shower I use this actually instead of a moisturizer and it's just a great great product that I love.

That's it my favorite fake tan products and let me know how you get on with them I'd love to hear if you try some of them and what you think and also if there are any products that haven't mentioned that you think that I might like to try to alright guys I'll see you very soon bye.

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